Vegas is Hell at HallowKreme

Hell to Pay by Kris P. Kreme

Hell to Pay by Kris P. Kreme

Betty simply wanted to get the night over with, working another double shift at the Sadism Salon, an underground club that has seen better days in Las Vegas.

But on Halloween night, as midnight approaches, she’ll find her midwestern innocence dominated right out of her body as she pays the ultimate price for spilling drinks on a man named Mr. Beelze Bub.

Mr. Bub has plans of his own, ones not involving Betty until Betty cops an attitude after a clumsy mistake. Some mistakes cost more than others, and this time there is Hell to Pay.


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In the epic original Kreme Tale called Highway to Hell, we met a man who was much more than merely a man, named Beelze Bub, and Mr. Bub has returned this Halloween with the Kreme for a sordid little snappy tale picking up not too long after where Highway to Hell left off.

Things have been going well for Mr. Bub in Sin City, Vegas, the one place where everyone goes to indulge in the most sinfully seductive ambitions. His new employee and underling Derrick has been serving quite well, a man quite dedicated to the service of none-other-than the devil himself.

But on Halloween, the one night Mr. Bub has found the time and excuse to relax and take his infernal mind off work, there’s just one single goal he needs to accomplish.

Unfortunately for her, a stressed out waitress in a somewhat rundown underground club called the Sadism Salon will find herself intimately becoming part of the goal Mr. Bub needs to accomplish.

Speaking with Derrick on the phone, seated in an intentionally dark shadowy corner of a club most in Vegas have forgotten about, Mr. Bub confirms the plans, their plans, and how Derrick needs to meet him at precisely midnight to receive a special suit for his next assignment. But as Mr. Bub eyes the lone stripper dancing at the opposite end of the Sadism Salon, along comes Betty, a beautiful midwestern girl working at a job she couldn’t hate more, one she is embarrassed to even admit she has.

The long dark hair, the innocent eyes, dressed in the lace-wrapped slavegirl attire the club requires of servers and waitresses, Betty is anything but the kind of girl to enjoy a place that feeds off the desires of dominance, submission, abuse, and sadism. Yet after accidentally spilling drinks on Mr. Bub, Betty makes the mistake of having attitude with the man. And as the stripper he’d been plotting to use for tonight’s plans with Derrick gets frightened off, Betty will just have to take her place.

But how is Mr. Bub so much more than the old man Betty thought he was? And how is he able to magically lash her tight and bound against one of the leather cross bars serving as decor in this sordid mostly empty club? But even more disturbing, when the bartender and bouncer try to come to her aid, how is Mr. Bub able to free decadent sinister desires those men have to do downright painful things to Betty’s sweet little body?

Just what is the plan for Derrick when he arrives… just what kind of suit will he need for his next assignment… and most important, will innocent Betty find herself giving into a pain turned pleasure that her body will never recover from?

It’s another Highway to Hell for overworked waitress Betty as she truly discovers what overworked can feel like, and discovers that when she spills drinks on the wrong customer, there can truly be Hell to Pay.


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