Some are Mad at HallowKreme

A MAD High by Kris P. Kreme

A MAD High by Kris P. Kreme

Joey and Heath are best friends, but trying to keep Heath focused on much of anything can be maddening. Always the stoner, baked out of his brain, giggling at everything, Heath is supposed to be relaying the latest awesome Halloween prank idea he had.

Instead, he’s been mostly staring at photos posted of his sister, thinking she’s just some hot redhead on a dating site. As it turns out the dating site is part of the prank, creating a fake profile to mess with the man across the street, rumored to be a mad scientist.

But what if the rumors are true, and what if using pictures of Heath’s hot sister comes back to bite everyone in ways that will have them all feeling A MAD High?


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It’s time for another CoverSwap Shorty, brand new tales which put a new spin on a previous favorite cover from the past decade plus. This particular tale spins a bit of Halloween hilarity concerning a couple of pranksters that find out just how true rumors can be about a supposedly mad scientist living across the street.

Heath has always been and quite probably always will be the biggest stoner Joey has ever known. The goofy guy spends so much time baked out of his brain he can’t even tell what he is doing half the time.

It’s almost hard to remember how Joey became friends with such a smoked out stoner, except when he ever happens to see Heath’s twin sister Hilary. Where Heath is a carefree happy idiot, laughing and generally being the lovable goofball he is, Hilary has always taken everything seriously, especially her intelligence. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s the hottest redhead on two legs, and what legs they are, Joey thinks.

But still, even if Hilary shot him down a while back, Joey isn’t sorry he ended up with a friend like Heath because one thing Heath hasn’t smoked out of his brain is the ability to pull off some great Halloween pranks.

This year, Heath has a new one in mind, if only Joey can get him to focus enough to share it. For whatever reason Heath has been staring at his computer, thinking he’s looking at single babes on a dating site, when in reality he keeps making crude comments about the family photos of his own sister.

And as much as Joey never minds staring at Hilary, he needs to figure out the brilliant prank idea Heath has this year. As it turns out the prank involves putting up a fake female dating profile on a dating site, one the oddball neighbor across the street from Heath and Hilary has an account with.

The man is rumored to be a real life mad scientist, but as Joey points out, Heath started that rumor and he was stoned at the time. Still, having the view from the garage apartment Heath lives in does mean playing a prank on a goofy man named Maximillian Miller would provide for a laugh or two.

Unfortunately Heath is always high and focus is not his strong suit, so when putting together the fake profile, Heath thinks he has found the perfect pictures to swipe and use for it… pictures of a hot redhead, one Joey tries to remind him is his sister. Still, what can be the harm in using pictures of Hilary to create a profile, then messaging the man across the street with all sorts of seductive innuendo, setting up a rendevouz outside his house for that very night?

It’s all going according to plan, Maxmimillian Miller outside looking like the loser he is, holding a flower and waiting on a date that will never arrive. But then Hilary gets home, stopping her car right across from where the man waits, looking exactly like she did in the fake profile pictures.

Will the arrival of his sister ruin Heath’s prank? Will Maximillian Miller recognize the girl and realize the truth? And are the rumors somehow actually true, that he is a mad scientist with the ability to drain a girl like Hilary’s brains right out, leaving her a mindless little flesh doll?

Some pranks are pretty fun, others are more work than they are worth, while the truly great ones give you A MAD High. Pranks can be truly maddening this Halloween with the Kreme.


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