Being positive can be a real change

Positive Thinking by Kris P. Kreme

Positive Thinking by Kris P. Kreme

Tim enjoys the simple things, plenty of snacks, a cushy recliner, and the big playoff game he has been looking forward to. But when weather and his wife complicate matters will Tim’s marriage become even simpler?

After a storm knocks out the signal, a diagnostic refresh with the remote seems capable of restoring the big game. But lazy as Tim is, the remote is across the room near his wife who is reading all about positive thinking.

His whining refusal to get up and go get it, focusing on it, mocking Rebecca’s lecture about positive thinking, may cost Rebecca her ability to think of anything at all besides pleasing him in ways she never imagined before.


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Rebecca’s husband Tim is excited about watching a big playoff game one afternoon, but when a storm ruins his day will more than thunder be booming in their relationship? In a brand-new Coverswap Shorty, find out, as we see another possibility behind the cover originally used for It was a Dark and Stormy Night!

Tim is ready for some football, bowls of chips, dips, his big cushy recliner, and the big game starting on the brand-new big screen he got for Christmas. As his wife Rebecca merely chuckles at his childlike enthusiasm from her favorite reading spot on the yellow couch across the living room, neither of them realize that the building storm outside may soon bring their day together in ways neither ever imagined before.

Their marriage has been one of opposites, proof that opposites can attract. While Tim is the rowdy rambunctious kid at heart, Rebecca is a studious academic, tightly wound, and reading more books than bothering with makeup or worrying about her looks. But when the storm outside causes the power to flicker and Tim’s game-watching to abruptly end, Rebecca will find much more to worry about than looks or an immature football-obsessed husband.

The signal has been interrupted on their satellite dish, and Tim is predictably overreacting from the comfort of his cushy recliner, where he is determined to stay. As the big screen informs him with one little line of text in the middle of the blank screen, Tim can run a diagnostic test from the remote to reacquire the signal… but Tim’s frustrations have just begun as he spots the remote all the way across the room on the table at the end of the yellow couch where Rebecca reads her book.

Having put up with her husband’s whining and clearly childish response to the game signal being interrupted, Rebecca isn’t getting up to take the remote to him, no matter how whiny Tim is. And she takes the opportunity to tell Tim that he needs to stop acting like the world is ending just because his game-watching got messed up, just because the remote is across the room where he left it. She tells him about the book she has been reading, a book on the power of positive thinking.

As much as she tries though, Tim clearly is only focused on one thing, refusing to care about what she read, that people who focused on what they really wanted instead of expecting things to go wrong, found positive energy flowing and good things started to happen in their life. Tim doesn’t really care, sulking and just wanting her to hand him the remote so he doesn’t miss all of the big game.

But when Tim gets snarky and keeps staring at the remote, mocking his wife’s efforts to spin his negative attitude a more positive direction, what will happen when Rebecca rolls her eyes and calls him a baby?

As she sits there with her book, both Rebecca and Tim are very quickly aware that quite suddenly her breasts are growing, heavier and tighter in her sweater. When Tim realizes that her insult made him momentarily think about what babies like, big milky boobies… he discovers the power of Positive Thinking.

Somehow his desperation and immature obsession with practically making the remote fly into his hands unleashed some sort of abilities beyond mere positive thinking for Tim, and with a now horny immature husband refusing to leave his recliner but focused on all new forms of entertainment, will Rebecca truly lose her mind to a body that gains all new entertainment value this dark stormy gameday afternoon?

Are you ready for some football, readers? Because there may be a foul on the play with some overly inflated balls for Tim one stormy afternoon as he drives toward all new goals, and scores big with his sexy wife Rebecca in this month’s Coverswap Shorty… all thanks to the power of Positive Thinking.


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