It’s a matter of control

subMISSION Control by Kris P. Kreme

subMISSION Control by Kris P. Kreme

When Jake’s daughter Kara let him know she’d be visiting after six months at her new job working mission control, he was truly over the moon.

But something collected from the rockets she worked mission control for may have changed Kara drastically from the independent, free-thinking, willful young women he raised.

When she looks and acts flirty and docile, talking about a new man in her life, far too open about what they do together, Jake can’t help starting to see her point of view.

Will he find his own dominance, unleashing it upon one of her friends and will she eagerly cheer him on? Find out in the twisted tale of an influence from beyond in subMISSION Control.


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Jake Stanton couldn’t be prouder of his daughter Kara, and has very much anticipated her first visit to his large country home after she took her dream job working at mission control for experimental rockets. Little does Jake know that something from space may have forever changed Kara… and he may be next.

As a little girl, Kara was always fascinated by life at Jake’s country home. He’d made a fatal mistake and cheated on her mother, but as fatal as that was sending her mother running off, Jake dedicated his life to making sure Kara grew up smarter, more independent, and with that fierce fascination for the stars that living in the country provided.

When the opportunity arose for Kara to be a mission control leader at a private sector company sending rockets into space to retrieve samples of comet dust for studies back on earth, it was a truly out of this world opportunity. But when Kara finally pulls up the dirt drive and gets out to gleefully greet her father… she definitely isn’t looking like the same young woman who once said that long hair on women was just a primitive expectation of men who saw women merely as sex objects.

Kara looks and seems to act about as feminine as Jake ever saw her, and she’s bubbly, perky, giggly, and quick to brag about a new man in her life, someone she met during the last six months, and someone who seems to have gained quite the control over her much more submissively docile behavior.

Growing more and more disturbed as Kara goes on about her mystery man, Rex, Jake is listening to his fiercely independent and once willful daughter talk about cooking her man meals and dressing pretty for him. She’s sharing how they met at her work after an incident where she and some other women in mission control were accidentally exposed to some comet dust.

While it seems the exposure from a containment breach of samples was found to be in no way harmful, Jake Stanton is starting to quickly think that isn’t the case. Kara was never a girly girl interested in being her man’s happy little woman, and she was never even close to as open about personal details of her very personal private life like she is being.

But something just isn’t quite making sense beyond her new look, new man, and new attitude… something Jake may miss seeing or discovering before it’s too late.

Why is he finding her stories about personal private things with Rex less and less disturbing? Why is Jake oddly finding himself jealous that he doesn’t have a little woman to enjoy like Rex does? And why is he soon wondering about his daughter’s best friend growing up, Melissa, another willful athletic girl with a bit of a foul mouth who never took anything from guys and was always a great example for Kara?

Has something from beyond already begun to spread on earth, and did Kara bring it with her? Will Jake figure out what happened, or will he be more interested in having Kara invite Melissa over so he can do the same to her that Rex has been doing to Kara? And just what is making him feel more and more dominant and controlling towards women, as though they have their place and it’s happily serving the whims and pleasures of the men in their life?

There’s something sinister in the air from beyond the stars, and it’s all pointing to subMISSION Control.


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