It’s hard to look away from the screen

Cumming Attractions by Kris P. Kreme

Cumming Attractions by Kris P. Kreme

In this month’s Coverswap Shorty, take a twisted trip to a mind-altering man cave when Anna’s daddy leaves town. With the code to his highly secure home theater, Anna takes her boyfriend and bestie to see what the big deal is, but after the lights lower and the screen glows to life, the big deal may be what happens to them.

Affecting Jake and Jessica, the perverse movie trailers shown have an instant effect, lowering inhibitions, raising libido, and putting thoughts into each of their heads they simply can’t ignore.

But will Anna’s desperate attempt to stop them from acting on their desires right in front of her end up corrupting her own mind and body in the process?


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Coverswap Shorty’s take one of the thousand covers over the past ten years and present an all new inspired tale to twist the imagination. This month’s cover originally came from Konversational Konnie. Read them both and see which did the cover serve better!

Anna’s very wealthy and somewhat secretive father, Carter Thomas has left town, leaving the code for his highly secured and mysteriously advanced home theater. But when Anna uses that code to take a sneak peek at the theater along with her best friend and her boyfriend, they all may end up getting more entertainment than they can handle.

Admiring the massive lobby of this over-proportioned excuse for a man-cave, neither Anna’s boyfriend Jake, nor her lifelong bestie Jessica have ever seen anything like it. The fully recreated functioning snack bar and popcorn machine are impressive enough, but the expensive accents, elaborately theater-themed decor, and even more amazing theater room off from the lobby are beyond impressive. But none of them have any idea just what the most impressive feature is of Carter Thomas’ home theater.

As Anna puts it, Daddy left her the code because he had someone coming by who was supposed to do some critically important adjustments to something called the 4KX system in his theater. But what is a 4KX system and what is Anna’s single father really doing when he takes his frequent model-gorgeous dates down to watch a movie?

When Jake spots a bronze plaque on a wall in the lobby reading Prototype 4KX Full Immersion MA Subliminal Tech Certified, he is naturally curious about the obviously unique technology his girlfriend’s father has put into the home theater. As he explains, subliminal spots in the frames of film reels have been used for years in actual movie theaters. But their intention was to drive up sales by making viewers feel hungry or thirsty… and as he points out, why would someone have that technology in their home theater?

Discussing the technology, Anna merely knows that her daddy’s note mentioned something about the sensitivity and settings being off-balance and dangerous, hence the need for someone to come in and do some important adjustments. And while that prompts Jessica to rightfully ask if being there, if watching a movie or anything might be dangerous, Anna is sure her over-protective father was just trying to prevent her from nosing around in his secret man-cave.

But when Anna, Jake, and Jessica take their seats and fire up the advanced 4KX theater experience, their minds and bodies may be unprepared for the feature presentation to follow several Cumming Attraction movie previews.

Will a perverse trailer for something called The Propagators of the Planet Pluto have Jake and Jessica looking at each other in whole new ways?

Will the trailer about a mind-altering gaming machine at the arcade simply called SINtendo have Jake touching Jessica as he eyes her up and down?

And when Anna Thomas realizes too late that the technology of her daddy’s theater doesn’t affect her just like it doesn’t affect him, only those beautiful and soon horny women he dates, is there any stopping her boyfriend from doing very wrong things with her lifelong bestie right in front of her?

Take a twisted trip into the man-cave of the man who has everything with this month’s Coverswap Shorty, and find out what will be lost in the Cumming Attractions.


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