Never think that SINtendo is just a game

SINtendo Would You Rather? by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Would You Rather? by Kris P. Kreme

Annie has always been a good girl, while her best friend Jill has very much been the opposite. And yet their friendship works.

But when Jill forwards an email some perverted guy sent her with a link to a game called SINtendo Would You Rather? Annie may be forced to choose between two choices she’d never choose in five questions that will forever change her innocent life.

Will boredom truly get the best of Annie as she chooses her own fate one kinky question at a time? And will sweet Annie have no way to avoid her truly slutty new thoughts and actions?


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Over 6,000 Words of Kreme!

With the perpetually positive Annie’s mom and best friend out of town, she’s finding it difficult to put on that positive smile when she gets a dress back from alterations with nobody to show it to. On the phone with her best friend and somewhat notoriously tease, Jill, Annie is yet again mercilessly teased over the fact that only she would need a dress altered because she was thin and yet somehow busty enough to need it. But boredom may come at a cost Annie never imagined on this day, when Jill offers her something to do… a choice that may forever change Annie’s innocent life.

After Jill suggests Annie show Rick and Zack her new dress, teasing her that her stepfather and stepbrother might enjoy seeing a cute eighteen year old in an even cuter dress, Annie is only more annoyed at how promiscuous and perverse her best friend likes to be. But all annoyances aside, Annie is bored, no one to share her new dress with, nothing to do in the house with Rick and Zack downstairs watching basketball.

That is when Jill mentions that she forwarded an email some guy sent her, a link to a computer game version of the game they used to play at sleepovers… Would You Rather?

Jill says that the guy who sent it to her to play is into kinky things so it’s probably an adult version of the game or something. Whatever the case, she has to go and help her parents with some stuff, so needs to hang up, and since Annie is alone in her room and bored, what better to fill out her day than breaking the kinky limits and playing an adult computer game?

Clicking on the link sent to her by Jill, Annie is unimpressed as a website loads with swirling colors in the background and bold words flying animatedly at the screen. What impresses her the least is the fact it says each game of Would You Rather? only has five questions, five choices to complete a game. Even on the off chance the adult aspects of the game don’t bother her, this surely wouldn’t solve her boredom for very long. Still, there really is nothing else to do and Annie has always trusted that Jill has her best interests at heart… at least behind the pervy attitude.

But when Annie clicks to begin a new game, she’ll find herself playing SINtendo Would You Rather? and this game will truly make the most of those five simple questions, five questions that may just mentally and physically change sweet innocent Annie in ways that would make even Jill blush.

Clicking on her computer mouse, getting a nasty electrical shock when she does, Annie is locked into the game, unable to quit until all five questions have been answered. And while the first question, a would you rather choice between taking off someone else’s underwear or taking off your own may seem simple enough, when Annie chooses her own, being a good girl, what will she think when she finds herself doing exactly what she chose to do without the ability to stop?

Each question in SINtendo Would You Rather? gets more and more sexually perverse, more and more extreme, passing pure depravity barely into just the second question… and with no way of ending the game, Annie may find herself never bored again, embracing her own reluctant choices, becoming the slutty whore she only imagined Jill was a fraction of.

What kinky choices will sweet Annie have to make? Who will get drawn into her choices? And will Jill be able to save her friend from a fate kinkier than the depths only SINtendo can make a girl sink to?

It’s spring, and all kinds of new growth is happening… time for a good girl to grow bad, thanks to a fun-filled session with SINtendo Would You Rather?


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