You’ll never know when Lenny appears

Lenny's Lecherous Lepre-Coins by Kris P. Kreme

Lenny’s Lecherous Lepre-Coins by Kris P. Kreme

St. Patrick’s Day finds Lenny on the hunt for gold. But when the notoriously naughty leprechaun is tricked by a pot full of gold plastic coins, he unleashes more lust than one poor girl can handle.

Dahlia thought it fun for the leprechaun-themed Rave, to create Lepre-Coins, souvenirs for those who came. But Lenny will be teaching Dahlia a lesson she will never forget instead.

As he points out to the leprechaun dressed girl, gold holds power over the leprechaun, a wish per coin, and so for this all night rave, every coin taken will grant a wish about her body. Can she last the night, and what freakish perversions will her virginal body go through before St. Patrick’s Day is over?


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The world has changed since Lenny the Leprechaun last wandered it as freely as he once again does. After reclaiming his ancestral home in Ireland, after finally dissolving his curse so he could be free to live in all his lecherous leprechaun lust… Lenny is back on the hunt for what a true leprechaun can never have enough of, gold.

But his hunt this St. Patrick’s Day may come with false hope of gold and true opportunities for a little lecherous lust when Lenny is tricked into thinking he has found a genuine pot of gold.

There was a time when Lenny had to hide or else risk being spotted, the humans who spotted him each granted a twisted wish that Lenny had all kinds of perverse fun granted. But these days Lenny no longer has to hide, and the truth is humans rarely pay much attention to anyone dressed as a leprechaun on one particular day of the year.

So Lenny isn’t worried about being caught, only about catching what he needs to rebuild his leprechaun wealth… gold. And it’s at a strange festival on the evening of St. Patrick’s Day, in some abandoned cathedral in a US city that Lenny sniffs out some gold he can steal.

There are plenty of people hanging out, drinks in hand, enjoying some music, some dancing, and according to the banner strung up carefully in the old cathedral, this event is something called Lep-RAVE-con, an all night rave party event complete with leprechaun themes. But this is one party that was made to be crashed by the lustful leprechaun with a lecherous appetite for carnal craziness, and after he spots a pot of gold off in the mostly empty nave of this old cathedral, Lenny is hot on the trail of his best gold find yet.

Unfortunately for Lenny, the gold turns out to be just as fake as the beautiful young girl dressed as a leprechaun beside that gold. And when he discovers that she has tricked him with a big black pot full of cheap plastic coins, each reading Lep-RAVE-Con 2023 on one side, simple souvenirs for those enjoying the party, Lenny is fuming mad.

Naturally, Lenny has all his powers freely once again, and there are plenty of ways to settle his anger, especially with a lovely young lass dressed as a leprechaun to play with.

As Lenny explains to a confused and momentarily stunned Dahlia, a leprechaun’s gold has very particular powers over that leprechaun. Each piece grants one wish to whoever finds and holds it… and so Dahlia’s gold, fake as it is, will hold the same power over her. Each piece of gold taken will grant one wish… but only if that wish has something to do with Dahlia’s cute coed body.

To get her started, Lenny himself takes a single plastic coin, a Lepre-Coin as she creatively called them, and he makes a wish. Possessing her nubile young body, Lenny will be in control of her words and actions, while Dahlia has to simply go along for the ride. And that is how the next guys that happen to wander over to say hi to cute Dahlia find themselves being offered a coin… as long as they make one wish about Dahlia’s sweet body.

Trevor, Chase, and Lloyd are all about the drinking, loud music, and all night fun of Lep-Rave-Con, but when they come over to Dahlia, having spotted a strange little dude dressed as a really realistic leprechaun, Lenny is gone… but Dahlia has some rhymes of her own, and something to offer all three of her college friends.

Will the drunken boys make wishes that have a once virginal sweet Dahlia more top-heavy than ever? And upon seeing such impossible changes, will that sober the other two boys into wishing more intimately enjoyable things involving Dahlia’s tight little body?

What could possibly happen when two of them make the same wish at the same time? Will her body change to allow for truly screwing her brains out? And when she is so corrupted and warped by the time Lenny takes his leave of her body… will Dahlia continue the night granting one wish to everyone who takes a coin, refusing to stop until her pot of gold is empty?

Find out in the long-awaited granting of more wishes than one sweet girl can handle, the long-awaited full return of Lenny the Lecherous Leprechaun!


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