Beware of strange side effects

Spontaneous CumBUSTion by Kris P. Kreme

Spontaneous CumBUSTion by Kris P. Kreme

Megan’s daughter Riley was humiliated and dumped on Valentine’s Day by her busty slut loving boyfriend, so Megan is driving her back to school.

But will a stop along the way to talk end up turning Megan and Riley into busty sluts themselves? Meeting a crazed looking hermit of a man named Tommy in an abandoned town, he tells of Spontaneous CumBUSTion.

Did something really make the men in town so horny, yet only able to cum when focusing on a woman? Is it possible upon climax, their cum somehow went directly into that woman’s chest? And now that Tommy met Megan and Riley, even though they leave him behind, will his focus on them corrupt their bodies and minds from miles away?


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It’s a conflicting time, both of seasons and of moods for a recently dumped college girl being driven back to school across country by her mother. A brand new Coverswap Shorty explores a new side to the cover of Don’cha Know? in a twisted tale of lost love, feeling inadequate, inferior, and underappreciated while going from one extreme to a very different one.

Megan is driving her daughter Riley back to school, thinking it the best way for the two to do some healing and bonding while Riley faces the reality of returning to the school where her boyfriend recently dumped her in a humiliating way. But so far the drive has been quiet, and not just due to the peaceful backroads Megan has chosen to take.

Riley appreciates the effort, but would rather just dwell on her inadequacies, the fact her boyfriend broke up with her on Valentine’s Day, even worse the fact he broke up with her for essentially not being the busty slut he left her for.

Pulling up near an old abandoned gas station in the middle of nowhere, Megan decides they need to stretch their legs, plotting to finally get Riley to open up about how she feels, to face the problems she has let weigh her down so much. But when Riley asks whether her mom thinks that Daddy would mind her saving up for breast implants, Megan knows that it won’t be so easy for Riley to accept who she is and find someone that just appreciates her for her.

After finally getting a smile out of Riley, a little of the old humor Megan missed, they change topics, looking around and past the old gas station to discover what looks like a mountain ghost town. There are abandoned cars, empty buildings, and a general sense of weirdness everywhere. And just when they are wondering aloud what could have happened in a place like this, a man spots them and comes running towards them, desperate to see actual people after so long.

But when this man seems oddly enthused by them being women, saying a bunch of stuff about some sort of corporation taking over the small town, experimenting and releasing a virus or something, Megan makes sure the stranger stays a good distance from both of them, just as concerned about their own safety as this man’s sanity.

His name is Tommy and according to Tommy at least, a big corporation moved into town with claims of good jobs but as he puts it they released something like a virus, something that made them so uncontrollably horny. Keeping twenty feet between the creepy stranger and her and her daughter, Megan listens to the weirdest most outlandish claims she ever heard.

According to Tommy, not only did the men in town get uncontrollably horny, they could only pleasure themselves when a woman was around, any woman. But when they climaxed, as he put it… nothing came out. Instead he claims that focusing on a woman, pleasuring themselves, when they reached a climax, it somehow went directly into the woman instead… specifically into her breasts. With a crazed look of desperation in his lonely horny eyes, Tommy claims they started to call it spontaneous cum-bustion, since the cum somehow went into the bust of whoever they focused on.

He says everyone else eventually left town seeking out new women to focus on, but they left him alone, no woman around, causing him to be endlessly horny with no way of relieving the needs he had. And as Megan promises to send someone back from the next town, she and Riley jump back in their car and speed off, never intending to see crazy Tommy or listen to his rantings about spontaneous cum-bustion again.

But what if what Tommy claimed is somehow true, that something was unleashed, something sinister that altered Tommy in a way to leave him unable to reach climax unless he has a woman to focus on… and what if Tommy’s thinking about Megan and Riley linked his needs and urges to their innocent bodies as they drive away?

What could possibly happen if Tommy is back in that abandoned town pleasuring himself to thoughts of Megan and Riley, and somehow during their drive they begin to feel their tits getting bigger… getting somehow flooded with load after load, heavier, fuller, sloshier? Will Megan and her daughter stop for dirty things Daddy definitely would never approve of… and will Riley arrive back to campus with a whole new enjoyably slutty attitude and look?

Find out in the tale of lost love and found lust, with the latest Coverswap Shorty, sure to be busting with kinky fun.


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