There’s no candle like Cupid’s

Cupid's Candle by Kris P. Kreme

Cupid’s Candle by Kris P. Kreme

Marcus loves Sandra, even if his wife came with a college daughter just as skilled at making him uncomfortable. Giving her daughter Lindsay advice, the smart innocent girl decides her pushy boyfriend can spend Valentine’s Day alone.

So while Sandra has work seminars all day, Marcus will end up hanging out at the house with Lindsay, neither aware someone has plotted a kinky experiment involving something called Cupid’s Candle.

Finding the candle in a box at the door, lighting it unleashes lust in Lindsay. Marcus snuffing it out leaves Lindsay blank, and when he re-lights it to fix his mistake his own lust may lead to a mind and body altering Valentine’s no one will soon forget.


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It’s Valentine’s Day, but at the moment Marcus is desperate to escape that day thanks to a very pushy coed seeking relationship advice while he desperately busies himself in the kitchen. Unlike his wife, Sandra, Marcus was never married before and isn’t used to acting like a dad, especially to a smart girl with a knack for cornering someone she thinks can answer the concerns she has about boys.

Lindsay is a typical coed, in that she is cute, confident, and conflicted about her boyfriend making more demands of their relationship. But after avoiding giving advice on the situation Lindsay faces, Marcus finally relents and points out that a boyfriend doesn’t make demands, a boss does. So Lindsay makes the decision that she is done with her boyfriend, intending to relax this Valentine’s Day and not worry anymore about guys… just hanging around the house instead.

Unfortunately for Marcus, the one woman he’d like to spend Valentine’s with has a work thing, several seminars to attend all day a few counties over. But as Sandra gets ready and leaves, she jokes with her daughter warning her not to go and steal Marcus away from her, a joke that never fails to both embarrass Marcus and illicit the expected ewwww from her daughter. Yet on the porch on the way out, an unexpected package left at their door may soon bring a twisted new series of accidental lust upon their happy home.

As Marcus sits reading the paper, Lindsay brings in the mysterious little box left with their address on it and no name. When opened, she sits across the kitchen table from him, discovering it contains a weird little candle, antique brass candlestick, very old looking mustard yellow tinted candle stick.

Lowering the paper, Marcus has to admit this is a very odd thing to have been delivered to them. His wife Sandra isn’t at all into candles, certainly nothing antique looking like this, and the mystery only grows as Lindsay finds a single little card in the box with the words Cupid’s Candle written on it.

Debating who the candle was actually for, whether someone sent it to Sandra or the demanding boyfriend Lindsay no longer has interest in sent it to her, Marcus figures it may have just been sent to the wrong house but with no return address they can’t do much with it. As far as he’s concerned Lindsay can keep it, and as he goes back to reading his paper, he soon hears the hiss of a match being lit.

Lindsay is ready to light Cupid’s Candle, curious about whether it might be a scented candle, not that she can smell anything before lighting it. But once that candle is lit, both of them are going to discover the freaky lust and potent powers contained within a candle like no other.

Lowering his paper minutes later, wondering if she left the room, Marcus comes face to face with a very close staring Lindsay. The candle is lit and Lindsay almost seems drunk as she leans in uncomfortably close to Marcus. But when she starts flirting, and then taking those flirty remarks in very disturbingly inappropriate directions, Marcus knows that something is very wrong.

With a virginal girl who wasn’t ready to be pressured into anything sexual by her college boyfriend practically begging for Marcus to do very dirty things to her, he soon realizes the candle must have done it, must have affected her somehow. But when Marcus snuffs out the candle, avoiding her advances… what will he do when quite suddenly Lindsay seems to have been snuffed out as well, an empty blank shell of the girl she was?

Yet lighting the candle again to try and bring her back, does something Marcus never imagined, igniting a lust within himself he has never felt before. And as Lindsay seems herself again, it’s now Marcus who is plotting twisted things to do to her cute little body. And after a passionate kiss, the lust may spread into both of them leading to a Valentine’s Day like no other.

Will Lindsay steal her mom’s man? Will that man turn Lindsay into a literal fuck doll? Will Sandra freak out when she comes home that night… or will Cupid’s Candle bring them all together for an endless lust that corrupts their every desire? Find out in the final Cupid’s Temptation… but maybe only the beginning of mind and body altering artifacts unleashed for sinisterly seductive and still unknown purposes.


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