SINtendo returns to the Dungeon

SINtendo Dungeons and D Cups: The Decimator Demoness of Dark Desires by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Dungeons and D Cups: The Decimator Demoness of Dark Desires by Kris P. Kreme

It’s been a long time since Nathan got revenge on his friends for defiling his mother Marissa. And Nathan used their mothers to do it, courtesy of a SINtendo roll-playing app called Dungeons and D Cups.

Now, on Mother’s Day, Nathan and the sinful slut Marissa became are pulled back into the world of Dungeons and D Cups, facing a new enemy called the Decimator.

They must find what former player, either one of his friends or their mothers, has summoned and controls the Decimator. If they fail at this quest, everything Nathan knows and now loves will be forever lost. But could this quest end in a choice that no matter what decision is made will change all of their reality forever?


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Over 15,000 Words of Kreme!

More than a year and a half has passed since Nathan played Dungeons and D Cups. It was an app he downloaded one night when their regular dungeon-master couldn’t show up to host the regular D&D sessions he and his three friends had. But SINtendo Dungeons and D Cups was anything but merely a game… pulling Nathan’s hot mother Marissa into the game where his friends took on the appearances and strengths of their randomly generated characters to savagely defile her. Yet Nathan struck back with his own quest for revenge, and one by one he used his friend’s mothers in various Dungeons and D Cups games, corrupting and ruining their luscious bodies in various kinky ways.

Throughout the course of the revenge, Nathan managed to reverse some of the bodily damage and kinky abuse his mother Marissa had suffered at the hands of his friends, but SINtendo has a way of refusing to reverse the corruption of the mind. It was a price to pay and Nathan enjoyed it, Marissa a kinky redheaded slut he only was too happy to claim as a prize for defeating his friends.

But all this time later, one of the other players has an agenda of their own, and fittingly they have chosen Mother’s Day as the day to unleash a game character called the Decimator Demoness of Dark Desires upon Nathan.

Living his perverted blissful life with Marissa at his side, Nathan and she are very shocked to find themselves violently pulled back into the world of SINtendo Dungeons and D Cups when sparks fly from their phones. Neither had even thought much about the fact they still had the app installed, certainly hadn’t activated it to play another game. But inside the game world, Nathan is even more shocked to see that his mother has been reverted to the innocent maiden she was that first fateful night his friends defiled her. Similarly he too has reverted to the character he was randomly assigned, becoming Nathan the Noble Knight.

Something has been done to them even worse, a truly depraved prize removed with the innocence put back into Marissa’s milf body, and both of them want that innocence taken away again. The Decimator Demoness of Dark Desires appears, presenting Nathan and Marissa with an all-new quest, one that if they can solve the mystery and find what former player summoned her, what former player is her new master, promises to reward them with all the corruption and SINtendo inspired sin they can ever enjoy. But if they should fail, Nathan will never have the depraved seedy life his quest for revenge left him with.

Spit back out into the real world, Nathan and Marissa are left with only one choice, to go on a Mother’s Day quest to revisit each of his friends and their mothers, to figure out which of them summoned the Decimator Demoness in order to fulfill what the demoness described as a desperate need they suffer from.

Will it be Nathan’s friend Wendall, who became a wizard and used his magic to do dirty things with Nathan’s mother? Or could it be his mother Tammie who was turned into a sex-crazed bimbo Nathan definitely did a number on. Or might it be his friend Owen, the sleaziest son-of-a-bitch Nathan knew who always did want to corrupt Marissa for his own enjoyment, becoming an ogre and brutalizing her body? What about Owen’s mother, Nadine, who after playing the game was defeated by Nathan and left with very little actual intelligence and plenty of influence due to her Medusa stare that could arouse anyone she happened to look at? If not them, could it be Nathan’s final friend Dwayne who has been working HARD to turn his sexy older stepsister back from a fairy fleshlight that she was transformed into at the hands of his own twisted mother, Wendy? Could any of them have the unfulfilled need and twisted desire needed to summon the Decimator?

It’s the SINtendo game you may have thought you’d seen the last of, the twisted game that turns every player into something and all tits into D Cups, the game where escaping the dungeon may mean losing all inhibitions and innocence forever.

And this is one Mother’s Day quest that will end with a choice Nathan may be unable to make… a choice between the innocent version of his mother or the slut she became helping him get back at his friends.

It’s time to take those D Cups back into the Dungeon, with an all new original Dungeons and D Cups adventure that has the most unexpected mind-bending ending you ever imagined!


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