That’s an odd way to grow a garden

Fertilizer Fun by Kris P. Kreme

Fertilizer Fun by Kris P. Kreme

Hannah is a beautiful sweet wife and the object of her husband’s every affection. But spending the day in the backyard garden that is her every joy gives her husband Jonny a little too much time to fantasize about his own joy with her.

Kidding around gets taken to extremes when Jonny sprays her chest with some very powerful liquid fertilizer called Gro-anything. Remarkably it lives up to its name and Hannah is shockingly having to cover breasts as big as her head.

But will Jonny take his innocent games too far, how will Gro-anything affect him, and what will he spend the day planting in his much sexier wife?

This month’s Coverswap Shorty tells a twisted tale of Fertilizer Fun.


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Jonny is being the good husband and helping his wife Hannah plant a long row of tiny little trees in the backyard garden. But much more than just trees are about to grow in this garden thanks to a little Fertilizer Fun.

Coverswap Shorties take one of the over one thousand Kreme original covers and inspire a brand new tale. The cover for this tale comes from Whore-ticulture 101. Read them both and see which cover did it better.

Hannah is the sweetest wife ever, dedicated as much to her garden as she is to tolerating and rolling her eyes at her husband Jonny’s perpetually leering comments. Married just two years, the passion has definitely not faded as Jonny can’t take his eyes off Hannah’s cute body, even if she isn’t wearing anything all that revealing besides the short checked skirt.

Today’s project in the backyard garden is planting a long row of little Italian Cypress trees, but when Jonny comments on how tiny they are and asks how old they will be when they actually reach full height, Hannah’s answer may spark a playful prank that changes everything in their loving relationship.

Hannah has talked to the local nurseries, looked up information online, and done her research. The bottle of spray fertilizer she found called Gro-anything seems like the best bet to help her little plants get nice and big.

But Jonny can’t keep his mind off Hannah after a day planting in the heat, and so he plays a joke, spraying her chest with the fertilizer in a moment of kidding around gone too far.

When Hannah has a nearly immediate reaction and her breasts suddenly grow to nearly the size of her head, bulging right out of her shirt, how will Jonny react?

Will Jonny’s horny thoughts get the best of him as he sprays Hannah again? Will Hannah get her revenge and block one of those sprays, resulting in the front of her husband’s shorts getting soaked with it? And when they run out of Gro-anything, is Jonny ready to use his own kind of liquid fertilizer until his wife is pretty much stuffed head to toe with it?

A happy couple becomes a horny couple in this month’s Coverswap Shorty. There’s fun in the backyard garden, and then there’s Fertilizer Fun.


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