There’s a problem getting Hacked

Hacked by Kris P. Kreme

Hacked by Kris P. Kreme

With a tank top, throwback jeans, and mop of red hair, Michael Hunt is not inconspicuous, but he is a skilled hacker. Working with Ben and Jimmy, he hacks into business laptops using public wi-fi to exploit weaknesses and steal data for profit.

But the Red Baron, as Michael calls himself, has met his match.

Hacking into a Trance-tory executive’s laptop, the promise of selling the multi-national secret data they steal, Michael finds himself frozen, shocked and bound in place, heated tendrils invading his body in a security method no hacker has ever seen.

Can he push past the pain, or will he no longer be he at all, his mind corrupted, his body rebuilt… her fate to be Hacked?


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Michael Hunt isn’t the typical customer at the downtown coffee ship, a retro punk with jeans and a tank top, breezing in with his mop of red hair tossed casually aside. But none of the strait-laced business executives could ever know his true reason for frequenting the place. An extraordinary hacker, Michael Hunt has plotted and planned for this day, working with his less techie partners in crime who await the prize he is there to claim. But when he hacks the wrong technology, will Michael Hunt find his future rewritten, and his body and mind truly Hacked?

Michael knows that his skills have never been truly understood or appreciated by his partners, Ben and Jimmy, who understand little about the true art that modern day hacking can be. All they want is the information or data he can hack in and steal, the dollar signs such information is worth to the right person.

But this is a prize even Michael can’t refuse, a truly gifted hacker that goes by the name Red Baron due to his mop of red hair. As silly as Ben thinks the nickname is, he definitely isn’t laughing when Michael mentions that he’s been piggybacking on the free wi-fi in this coffee shop for a while, discovering that some of the laptops the other business executives are using as they sip their coffee just happens to have Trance-tory connections.

Everyone knows the massive hold Trance-tory has over all markets when it comes to technology and profit, so hacking a Trance-tory executive’s laptop promises a surefire payday like these three have never seen before.

Unfortunately, Michael Hunt may just be a little too sure of himself, far too confident in his skills, and highly underestimating of the hack-proof security embedded on a Trance-tory executive’s laptop. As soon as he finds his little out-of-the-way corner and hacks into the most likely Trance-tory exec, an obviously chauvinist guy distracted by a woman in the coffee shop, Michael learns a truly hard lesson.

Despite the heavy-duty encryption, the firewalls, all of the security, nothing is a match for the Red Baron of hacking. But when his hack goes flawlessly, accessing the contents of that laptop, Michael can barely make a noise in triumph, electrical sparks rolling out of the keyboard on his own laptop, coursing up his arms and into his body, locking him frozen in place.

It is a moment of utter failure for Michael Hunt, and he can’t even escape the moment, locked in place, eyes panicked and frozen on his own screen, a permanent message burning in over everything else.

You have been Hacked, tell your friends.

But just what kind of punishment can Trance-tory give to a skilled hacker like Michael Hunt? How far can they have possibly taken bio-organic computing or nano-technology in the process of preventing hacks? As Michael feels tendrils of electrical surging heat inside every corner of his mind and body, he will learn to never hack again as he forgets more than he ever imagined he could.

Electrical surges of a heat like he’s never felt before are invading more than just his mind, literally reprogramming his body itself, changing him as he sits there, unnoticed due to the irony of having found the perfect spot where he would never be noticed.

Will Michael Hunt ever hack again? Will his friends even recognize what he becomes, and will they certainly not mind when a dazed but hot redhead who fills out his clothing so much nicer shows up pleading for their help?

A lesson for all hackers wanting to exploit weaknesses in Trance-tory technology, don’t… otherwise you might just find yourself weak, exploited, and Hacked.


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