It’s hard to find flaws in SINtendo

SINtendo Character Flaws by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Character Flaws by Kris P. Kreme

When Jack tries to give his buddy Jessie a once in a lifetime birthday gift, more than the tables may be turned.

Jessie Cox was always that jock who spent more time focusing on getting laid than getting a decent attitude. At best, Jack and the others put up with his misogynist attitude and fantasies of the perfect slut.

But at SINtech, given a chance to create his own VR gaming character, Jessie decides to instead use the experience to create the perfect curvy slut of a game character. Unfortunately something is going wrong with the technology while Jessie is creating his character, and despite trying to stop it, he is actually becoming the very character he intends to create.


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It’s Jessie’s birthday and Jack has come up with what he thinks is the perfect gift for him… although leave it to Jessie Cox, the arrogant jock many friends put up with, to mess everything up.

Jack likes to think that in every group of friends there is the one guy everyone puts up with, flaws and all, and Jessie Cox definitely pushes the boundaries sometimes on how easy it is being his friend. He’s the perfect looking guy, muscles, chiseled jawline, and every bit as cocky as one might expect a guy like that to be. But Jack still thinks he has the coolest gift ever even if Jessie is seeming less than enthused by it all.

Punching in the code to a highly secretive sterilized lab in SINtech Tower, Jack has a friend Virgil who works for the company and has agreed to let Jack’s friend Jessie go into a brand-new advanced character creation program in virtual reality. It’s a truly once in a lifetime opportunity to create a game character completely in VR, one that Jessie Cox will be able to forever after apply and embody in any game he plays, giving him player advantages like no other at least until the Character Creation program is out of the testing phase.

Unfortunately Jessie is thinking more like the player he is and not the player he could be, frustrated that Jack tricked him, no girls in the lab at all, no one to as he puts it hang onto his guns with adoration.

With a less than enthused attitude, Jessie slips off his shirt and puts on what Virgil the lab attendant and typical geek describes as a sensor array top, what looks like a long gray shirt that has sensors all throughout it to translate the virtual world into what Jessie feels. He then has sensors attached to his wrists, hands, head, and everywhere needed so that everything Jessie feels as he creates his gaming character feels just like his real body.

Cocky and kidding around, more interested in virtual babes than the geeky equipment he wears, Jessie is definitely not making this an easy birthday gift… but finally he is in place, ready to begin the custom character creation. And during the initial setup and monitoring, feeling how real it seems to be standing there in VR looking at a floating mirror to assist in his custom character creation, that is when Jessie Cox gets an idea only a horny jock could get.

He’s going to make his custom character the hottest sluttiest most curvy perfect girl ever and so he begins by choosing hair. But when out in the real world, Jack and Virgil witness actual long strawberry blonde hair tumbling from underneath the VR headset Jessie wears, they realize something is going very wrong with the still-in-testing VR character creation experience.

After changing his character’s hair, no idea he changed his own hair as he assumes the sensors are why he is feeling everything so lifelike, Jessie is ready to move on to facial features, giving his VR girl plush dick sucking lips and a slutty smooth look.

In the real world, Jack and Virgil are trying to make adjustments at a monitoring console, attempting to hold off Jessie’s enthusiasm as he now has a very sexy feminine head on his shoulders. But always the one to ignore everyone else, especially when he’s having fun, Jessie soon has anything but strong muscular shoulders… and going part by part is feeling the intensity of each and every custom character change he makes.

By the time they realize there is no reversing the changes, somehow his virtual reality becoming his own reality whether he knows it or not, Jessie Cox is definitely no longer looking like himself to his buddy Jack and the lab attendant Virgil. But what will they do when Jess truly does become herself, changing the mind and character attributes or strengths and weaknesses?

Jessie Cox may have been an arrogant cocky guy the girls always fell for, but she may end up being his own fantasy slut, much to the benefit of Jack and Virgil thanks to finally managing her Character Flaws.

SINtendo September reminds readers to always be careful when playing games as a girl… you might just become one, win or lose, in the end.


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