It doesn’t pay to cheat with SINtendo

SINtendo Cheat Zone by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Cheat Zone by Kris P. Kreme

Mark is a quiet college kid who bets on video games, not unlike his dad Tim betting on sports. Unfortunately Mark lost a lot after starting college and before he returns this fall, he needs an advantage to recover his losses.

Finding SINtendo Cheat Zone, a phone application that promises to make cheating possible in any game played within range of the phone, Mark thinks he has it all figured out.

After activating it, seeing that somehow it affects real world games like the football game his dad now watches on TV, Mark isn’t so sure. Needing to test it, he soon accidentally finds himself the target of Tim’s wife Andrea… who eagerly wants to play cheating games with Mark.


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Mark is a college kid in desperate need of an advantage. Shy and introverted he excels in gaming, but like with his dad Tim, Mark has a distinct tendency to be overconfident which has gotten him in trouble. Where his dad bets on sporting events, Mark bets on being able to beat unbeatable games, which after starting college last year has caught up with him. But will the advantage he seeks come at a cost he, nor anyone under his roof, is prepared for?

Having lost over a thousand dollars and with college starting a new semester next week, Mark is desperate for the advantage it would take to earn back that money and more in no time… the only advantage skewed towards that outcome… cheating.

So he found something called the SINtendo Cheat Zone, a phone app that somehow works by Bluetooth, wifi, cell signals, even radio waves and allows for cheating in any game within range. With the Cheat Zone, Mark can play any game, cheating, and win it to win whatever bets he makes this fall semester. But first he needs to download, install, and test the expensive ninety-nine dollar app.

So as Tim sits watching a football game, eager to win a bet he made with his work buddies, and as Tim’s wife and Mark’s stepmother Andrea heads out on the back deck to do some yoga, nothing is more important than watching the download and installation on Mark’s phone.

When it completes, Mark needs to test it especially since he realizes it looks unexpectedly simple… just a visual toggle switch with on and off, the instructions just as simple, turn on to activate Cheat Zone. Unfortunately Mark has no game system at home, leaving his in his dorm on campus. So he activates the app figuring he can check the games on his phone, but frustratingly none of them seem to be actually letting him cheat.

That is when the action of the game his dad is watching takes a bizarre turn, an interception resulting in a coach walking out and punching a quarterback in the jaw, taking the ball from him and walking it in for ten points. As Tim explains to his sports illiterate son, that is just the rules for such a situation. But even Mark knows those are not the rules for football… and he realizes somehow the Cheat Zone allows cheating in the televised game Tim is watching, and since Tim is pulling for one team, all made-up rules apply to guaranteeing that team wins.

But will it work on actual video games, Mark wonders, asking his dad if his phone has some games he can test? Unfortunately Tim has no phone games, and Ella, Andrea’s daughter isn’t home yet, so he can’t ask her. When Tim suggests checking Andrea’s phone, thinking she plays some bubble pop game, Mark could never imagine how twisted his simple attempt at cheating will become.

As soon as he walks out on the deck, spotting her phone near her yoga workout, Andrea has all new eyes for Mark, a definite lust Mark tries desperately to avoid. Her attention for him is baffling until he realizes the Cheat Zone is active and she wants to cheat… with him.

According to Andrew Cheating isn’t Cheating when it’s with someone under the same roof. Will Mark be able to escape back into the house, after unsuccessfully trying to flip that toggle switch and turn the Cheat Zone off? Will Tim be frustrated at hearing his son doesn’t want to cheat with his wife? And what will Ella think when she arrives home only to be jumped by a horny Tim eager to do some cheating of his own?

Cheating always comes at a cost, but SINtendo Cheat Zone cums so much more thrillingly this SINtendo September.


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    • Menoetes on September 19, 2023 at 8:43 pm

    Lots of reality warping fun in this one. Really enjoying Sintendo September!

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