SINtendo can bring things together

SINtendo Do Your Date by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Do Your Date by Kris P. Kreme

When a quirky college couple come across SINtendo Do Your Date, one may win more than they imagined; the other may lose everything, loving every second of it.

Duke and Ashley love to tease and taunt each other, never at a loss for innuendo, but when Duke comes across an obscure game on the most unlikely corners of the dark web, their teasing taunts may change their lives forever.

Called SINtendo Do Your Date, it first seems like a combination button masher racing game, each controlling a character to reach a final gemstone goal. But after winning, Duke gets more than a shock… he gets to do things to Ashley that shouldn’t even be possible, no matter the consequences.


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Duke and Ashley have a very unique tradition as a couple, especially unusual for an otherwise ordinary pair of college kids. On every date night, they play games… but not kinky games… actual games, and Ashley has something of a run going, having beat Duke more times than he can count no matter who decides the game. On an otherwise ordinary date night in September though, Duke may have just found the one game that gives him everything and much more than he ever thought he wanted from his cute quirky girlfriend.

Frequent innuendo and teasing aside, Duke and Ashley are a very loving couple, and share more than a passion for each other, a passion for gaming. But when Duke claims to have found a truly challenging unique video game for date night, a fitting title too, Ashley could never imagine what twists and turns this date night game is about to take.

It’s fortunate that all Duke’s neighbors are retired elderly couples, because even his frequent loud gaming is going to reach new volumes as they sit down to play something he downloaded to disc, something called SINtendo Do Your Date.

As Duke explains it, he went to searching the twisted corners of dark web gaming and found a cache of uploaded content from a place called SINtendo. Neither has heard about it, though it sounds familiar, both assuming it’s just a parody, what the dark web calls their gaming companies or something.

Supposedly the premise of Do Your Date is simple, they each will take control of a game character and race through a series of obstacles in an environment they can either be helped or hindered by, using it to beat their opponent to a final glowing gemstone that marks the completion of the game.

There are also apparent button combos they can figure out that will use the interactive environment to block, attack, or defend against the opponent while racing along. Ashley asks the obvious question, why a game about reaching a gemstone is called Do Your Date… but all Duke can assume is it was originally made for couples, competing against each other. He’s just ready to play, feeling confident that tonight is the night he finally beats his gamer skilled girlfriend no matter how nice she looks and uses those looks to try and distract him.

But both of them have surprises coming as gameplay begins, sitting beside each other on the couch, lit only by the big TV. It’s highly interactive with the environment and Ashley definitely masters the controls a bit faster, nearly seeming ready to win as usual. Yet when Duke pulls off a victory will his smack talk before the game come back to haunt Ashley? Having joked about what he got if he won, the game seems to know his name and announce he won what he wanted, so now gets to as the game puts it, Do Your Date.

Before Ashley can fully realize the shock of the game addressing Duke by name, Duke gets a literal shock that seems to change more than his quirky teasing attitude. Will Ashley survive the onslaught of Duke taking charge and doing things to her that shouldn’t even be possible? Will Duke do his date until his date pops? And will the elderly neighbors finally complain about the noise?

Find out on date night, SINtendo September style… with the post-meal gift that keeps on giving even after it hurts, SINtendo Do Your Date.


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