June is a harsh mistress

Leashing Alicia by Kris P. Kreme

Leashing Alicia by Kris P. Kreme

Nine strangers are meeting in a dismal downtown basement, part of an experimental support group experience led by June O and aided by a reclusive writer. As each member of the group introduces themselves, he will write a personalized spirit animal tale intended to help change their lives… but will it really be for the better?

Alicia is a top talent in the corporate world, leader of the pack, but after her spirit animal is the dog, will Alicia find her life going straight to the dogs? Playfully putting on a dog collar and leash, Alicia is both shocked and oddly aroused by how serious her husband is taking the roleplay.

But is anything about Leashing Alicia… roleplay at all?


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Over 7,000 Words of Kreme!

On an otherwise ordinary night, something extraordinary is about to begin for nine strangers in the most unlikely place, an abandoned looking church basement downtown. But no matter where they think they are meeting, they might just each individually end up in… The Kremey Zone.

All nine of the strangers have problems, troubles, stresses, secret issues they have joined this experimental support group to confess and address. Little do they know that this group is being led by none other than June O, a sexy redhead with an appetite for all things Kreme, and a taste for helping to write all new tales from that Kreme.

A diverse group, six women of varying ages and three men, June O introduces herself the first night they gather, explaining the process this support group will take. Connecting a unique conference call speaker device at the front of the basement room on a stage behind a podium, listening in and taking notes will be a reclusive writer, one whose special skills at rewriting troubled lives will be put to the test.

Each meeting, a meeting every few days during the month of June, one of the nine will stand up and take the podium. They will explain what troubles, what stresses, any issues that have brought them to such a group. And at the end of the meeting, that individual will be provided a personalized statement and story from the reclusive writer having listened to their troubles, and central to both will be their spirit animal tale.

As June O explains, the process will be unique and simple, but she has no doubts that after going home and reading their spirit animal tales, each and every one will find their troubles no more… a new and better life for each of them in a place she calls the Kremey Zone. And while she explains that the Kremey Zone represents that creamy delicious center of absolute happiness and fulfillment, more than a few are skeptical about this whole silly-seeming process, but nobody has anything better to do, any better solutions to each and every one of their problems.

And so it comes time for the first night’s volunteer, and that volunteer just happens to be a cutthroat type A businesswoman named Alicia. She’s used to going first on many occasions and unafraid to get up and speak her issues aloud for the group, and of course for that listening writer and June O.

Alicia explains that most would look at her and not see a woman with troubles. She’s highly successful, fit, a woman who takes charge and leads every financial and life decision in a reasonably happy marriage. But while Alicia is used to being leader of the pack, decisive and assured, she sees the way her husband Tim spends all his time with their dog Killer, and confesses to the group that sometimes that dumb animal seems to have it better figured out how to keep her husband happy.

Alicia admits she’d just like to find a balance in her life, a way to loosen up and let Tim lead once in a while, without her personality and business sense getting in the way. Considering they are about to have a week off together, just the two of them, it’s the perfect time to try and get some advice, some spiritual guidance… even spirit animal themed.

But after Alicia gets home from her first meeting, and reads that personalized spirit animal tale she was told would change everything, she’s crumpling up a perverse story about her as her spirit animal which happens to be the dog. Going to bed, Alicia is frustrated and angry, intending to definitely make her own trouble for that June O and whoever the weird reclusive writer behind writing perverted dog stories starring Alicia is.

Upon waking though, Alicia has had a night of truly crazy dreams, and her dreams might be about to get even crazier when she hears Tim in the shower and realizes it is the start of their week-long time to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company. Their dog has been sent for a week-long vacation at a plush doggy camp, giving the both of them more time together… and Alicia finds Killer’s spiked black collar and chain leash sitting on the dresser… inspiring her to start the week off with a bit of kinky roleplay.

But when Tim comes out to find his sexy usually controlling wife wearing a dog collar, chain attached, will their roleplay become more than just pretend?

Why does Alicia feel so docile and obedient wearing the collar and leash? Why does she just keep thinking about what a good girl she is, always doing what her master tells her? And when Tim decides to take his nearly naked wife for public walkies, even mentioning the local dog park and getting her bred full of puppies… why is Alicia conflicted about crawling on hands and knees out the door with him?

June O June begins with a leader of the corporate pack potentially finding the solutions to all her troubles at the heart of a very different pack. If this month begins by going to the dogs, you know it’s gonna be wild!


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