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Horsing Around by Kris P. Kreme

Horsing Around by Kris P. Kreme

At the second meeting, questions arise when Alicia doesn’t attend, June O claiming it’s because everything worked out perfectly with her getting in touch with her spirit animal. And most of those questions come from young Nathan, a farm boy with an impressively scrawny physique.

Confessing his reasons for joining the support group, Nathan admits he hardly pulls his weight working on his pop’s farm, and even though his beautiful girlfriend Sandie doesn’t mind, he’d love to be able to just lift her up, spin her around.

But when Nathan’s spirit animal turns out to be the horse, will he and his girlfriend give new meaning to Horsing Around?


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It’s the second meeting of the originally nine strangers, and somewhat surprisingly, Alicia from the first meeting is not there. And while according to June O, sexy redhead hostess of their support group, she isn’t there because everything has improved for her, some are skeptical.

One persistently questioning young man happens to be the kid who drove the furthest just to get to the meetings in a downtown old church basement… a country boy named Nathan. And after all the questions Nathan has, it only makes sense he should be the one who volunteers to share his deepest most troubling reasons for joining such an unusual support group.

Standing up on stage, under the spotlight behind that podium with the silent reclusive writer listening in, everyone can clearly see for the first time what a truly scrawny country boy Nathan is. And that is largely central to his most troubling frustrations.

Working on his pop’s farm along with his brothers, Nathan can’t even pull his own weight, usually relegated to the lightest duties, working alongside his unquestionably beautiful girlfriend Sandie. And while Sandie is a country girl, pure and sweet without a care for the fact Nathan isn’t one of those big burly country boys, he still feels constantly inadequate and just would love to be able to lift her up in his arms and swing her around. Unfortunately there’s no changing the way he’s built, a skinny country boy even his father doesn’t expect much out of.

Or is there?

At the end of the second meeting, June meets Nathan with his special spirit animal tale and assures him that she has no doubt after he heads home and reads it before bed, that pretty country girl of his will be getting spun around in his arms like she never imagined.

At home, his pop informs Nathan that the next day his assignment will be to walk the south forty and check on things, busy work for those unlike his brothers who will be doing man’s work. It’s more than frustrating to hear his pop even kid around that Sandie has more meat on her bones than him, albeit in the wrong places for man’s work, so naturally she’ll be walking the fields with him.

While a day alone with Sandie might sound incredible to some, it only reminds Nathan of the disappointment he truly is. Yet when he reads his page from the support group, he has to admit, there are definitely parts of it that sound nice.

His spirit animal it turns out is the horse and while Nathan certainly has never been much of a work horse, he’s always had that determination and dream to work harder, to be stronger. As it turns out though his personalized story of Nathan the horse is a bit confusing, talk of being powerful and strong, knowing no limits with mares, effortlessly tossing and carrying the heaviest of loads.

He falls asleep with dreams of tossing Sandie around so effortlessly, being the man she deserves. But when Nathan wakes up, his sheets are torn and he has developed some serious muscles, a physique like he only ever dreamed of, rippling biceps and an energy and stamina that makes him far too ready to walk those forty acres.

Sandie is more than impressed when he rushes down to her, sweeping her into his arms like never before, but she quite naturally is a little freaked out. Unfortunately for her… she may soon be truly freaked out when her boyfriend goes on a thrilling run, lifting her up across the south forty, a galloping pace that only puts the scent of fresh air in his flared nostrils… and possibly the scent of a very sexy girlfriend whose body always could inspire certain reactions in a man.

When one of those natural reactions turns massive, ripping right out of his pants, Nathan finds out he somehow gained much more than merely a horse’s strength and stamina… he has a serious horse cock to deal with, and what better way to deal with it than a cute country girl like Sandie?

June O June continues with a little tale about a lot of Horsing Around.


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