Apr 30 2012

Kreme Kuickies – Kreme-squeezed

Kreme Kuicky  -Kreme SqueezedKreme-squeezed

by Kris P. Kreme

“Boys and Girls, please stay with the tour group. And no touching the food you see in this section of the factory.”

“Yes, students, I’d advise listening to your teacher. You see, this here is the experimental testing department, where we at Kreme Enterprises mix and merge flavors, concocting unique trials to see just how mind-blowing our next savory treat will be. I realize as seniors about to graduate, many of you may wish to apply for internships here in our humble factory, but don’t try to sample the goods just yet. They have been known to have… rather unique side effects at this stage of development. Now… moving on.”

The treats were harmless looking, simple crullers it seemed, possibly with some creamy filling inside. Or as Mr. Kreme of Kreme Enterprises seemed to prefer “kremey filling”. Katherine had never encountered quite the eccentric mind such as Mr. Kreme. He ran a fun if mysterious company here, and this factory seemed only the tip of an otherwise unseen iceberg.

Harmless looking, Katherine thought. The treats were simple crullers; what could one little bite hurt? Besides, the brunette teen reasoned, she’d been starving almost since the moment they first walked into the factory. Something about the smell in the place got to her, invaded up past her nostrils to some primitive part of her mind. It made her crave things. Or was that “krave” as Mr. Kreme would put it?

She looked briefly over to the remainder of her senior class, already heading into the next section of the mammoth building that was the Kreme Factory. One little bite wouldn’t hurt.

The kreme within the cruller erupted onto her tongue as soon as her mouth closed, the gooey substance having a not-unfamiliar flavor but one that none-the-less sparked straight into her very core, seeming to possess lightning that fired directly into her brain from the nerve endings of her tongue. Katherine melted to her knees almost before swallowing the first treat. And it was to be only the first treat of many.

Workers discovered Katherine slumped limply over the conveyor belt two hours later, her belly already protruding with just how many crullers she had slipped past her lips. Her school group had left and only recently was anyone following up to ensure no stragglers had been left behind.

There were always stragglers, and Mr. Kreme had suspected there would be at least one this day. The nubile young bodies never could resist the scent of Kreme and thanks to her own curiosity getting the best of her, young Katherine would be joining the employment of Kreme Enterprises in advance of her classmates.

Six months later and Katie was hard at work on the factory floor. Her mind was a shadow of its former intelligent glory and her body had undergone significant enhancements, mostly due to the enhanced hormones flooding her body that very first day as soon as she slipped a cruller into her mouth.

Unlike your average cruller, a Kreme Kruller was doubly twisted, both literally and metaphorically. Her young mind had been twisted into a perverse pleasure-obsessed pit from where there was no escape. Her tits throbbed day and night, explosively spraying a lactic mixture that would blend perfectly with new treats rolling out of the experimental branch of the Kreme Factory. In simple terms, Katie was being kreme-squeezed day and night, serving her purpose at Kreme Enterprises quite well.

One day, near the end of her twenties, Katie would advance from floor girl to customer relations and she would be on the receiving end, getting her own kreme filling. Until that day a little bit of Katie would be found in the latest batch off the assembly line. Such was the magic of Kreme.

The End

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