Feb 11 2013

Even Cupid takes a day off to read a Kreme Klassic!

Cupid's Day Off by Kris P. Kreme

Cupid’s Day Off by Kris P. Kreme

One of the most popular Kreme Klassics is now rewritten, expanded and has more arrows in it than ever before!

When the one and only Cupid decides to take a day off, Carl, the cupid-in-training steps in to take over. Unfortunately where Carl has a big heart and good intentions, he fails to think through the details, leaving lustful chaos in his wake.

The Kreme Klassic tale gets new life with entirely new characters, all new situations, and more extreme Valentine’s pairings than readers can imagine.


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Beyond the legends of cherubs with magic arrows there lies the true world of the Cupid, a being outside of normal time space that spreads love through surprisingly modern technological means. However Cupid has been hard at work for many hundred even thousands of years and is more than due a vacation, some time away from the daily grind. Yes, Cupid works much more than one day a year. This year though, Cupid is taking Valentine’s Day to go off on his own retreat, away from work and away from the tedium of striking passion and love into human couples.

In his place, the Cupid High Command has chosen one of their top cupids-in-training to take over. It is a most honored chance for any young cupid but the one they chose, Carl, has more to prove than just his ability to handle the responsibilities. Carl has ideas, ideas about how the cupids can move beyond mere love and into the world of lust. Carl is a simple guy, always wanting to help humankind solve their many disagreements, and he sees lust as the most reasonable and accessible solution to that frequent conflict they have.

Carl has it all, a kind and generous heart, a love for the job, and full knowledge of the modern technological equivalent to the bow and arrows, none other than the Cupidator 3000, a unique mechanism that virtually does the work for the modern cupids. The only thing Carl doesn’t have is a working knowledge of basic human circumstances, human quirks and personality traits that are what should always be taken into account before making a match. He also has a tendency to over-use the Cupidator, to rely on it to solve all problems.

When Cupid takes his day off and Carl steps in to handle the love, lust gets released in abundance and normal match making turns from flirty love and kisses to chaotic lust and much more than mere kisses. From the original Kreme Klassic comes this massively rewritten and much more detailed and in-depth look into the truth behind Cupid. With more than a third the story featuring all new material, witness Carl the cupid as he livens up a college debate, takes getting off when a cop pulls you over to new levels, and brings entirely new meaning to tipping the babysitter.

This Valentine’s Day is going to be one everyone loves… and those who don’t won’t be able to contain their lust…


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