Sep 07 2013

Everyone gets Busted sometime…

Busted by Kris P. Kreme

Busted by Kris P. Kreme

Samantha Jeffries simply wanted a night out with her boyfriend, a night to go sit under falling stars. What begins as romance ends in anything but.

Sneaking out, an eighteen year old girl always has to watch out for her overprotective father. What Samantha didn’t watch out for was the chemicals in his basement lab.

Now she finds new meaning to the term Busted when things quickly get out of hand, and well beyond any handful.


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Samantha Jeffries has always been a girl that could turn heads. Always a lovely sweet girl who blossomed into beauty and always the responsible girl when it came to her actions. Even responsible sweet girls make mistakes now and then, and sometimes they get busted for the mistakes they make.

Some might say that Samantha got busted sneaking out of her home one night at the age of eighteen, that she was caught sneaking out to go with her boyfriend to an old abandoned drive-in where many other kids their age were gathering to watch a meteor shower.

The funny thing is Samantha didn’t get caught or busted like you might assume. No, Samantha got her clothing caught on some of the beakers and chemicals her father used in his basement lab. Simply trying to climb out the window, Samantha was doused with unknown chemicals and that is where her being busted truly happened.

She was sure something was wrong, even on the drive out to the drive-in. The chemicals had soaked right in, her shirt dried in moments, the unknown now absorbed into her young flesh. Something started during the ride out to the drive-in but it didn’t end until the night was over.

Samantha found the impossible happening, her flesh swelling, growing, becoming much more than merely head turning. She found herself looking downright irresistible and worse still, she felt less and less like resisting anything.

She and her boyfriend made it to the drive-in but no one there was interested in meteor showers anymore. There were other more enjoyable showers for Samantha as she brought new extremes to the phrase ‘sneaking out to fool around’.

Samantha Jeffries never suspected what an innocent night sneaking out would bring, she never suspected that her father’s lab might ultimately have her on her knees in so much pleasure, and she never could have dreamed what fun it might be to get Busted for some very naughty behavior.


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