Oct 11 2013

Caligula’s Curse returns for Halloween 2013!

Caligula's Curse by Kris P. Kreme

Caligula’s Curse by Kris P. Kreme

Halloween with the Kreme 2013 continues with some Klassic time of the season Kreme!

Caligula was infamous in his day as the honorable emperor struck down into depravity by an unknown illness, a man who gave in to base desires, spending time at a castle retreat now destroyed.

The original stones from that castle are part of a new one, where Roman Gaius is filming his latest feature. Is he using the stones and stories of Caligula to boost talk of his movie, or is the curse of Caligula alive and well, sending his cast and crew into the depths of depravity?


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Halloween with the Kreme 2013, continues with a Klassic sure to fit the season. A spooky castle, a legendary curse, and a little passion are sure to combine for some frisky freakish fun on the set of a new movie.

Roman Gaius is a fiercely intense director, hard at work on his latest feature, a period piece taking place and being filmed in a mysterious old castle, one renovated and modified with actual stones from the castle where Caligula reportedly stayed during his most deviant years.

Stories abound on what caused Caligula to fall into such depravity, such lust and lurid activities, and it all started many many years ago when the stones of this castle formed another one off the coast of Italy. Roman is sure that filming in a location like this will bring alive some new attractions for his features, turn around a movie career that hasn’t been that great in recent years.

As the actors and crew begin experiencing strange happenings and even more bizarre attractions, the real question is whether Roman Gaius is staging the whole thing to boost his career or whether without knowing it, he has stumbled upon the age old curse of Caligula, a curse which will claim everyone on set both in front of and behind the cameras.

A story based at least partially in the true history of the Roman Empire’s most notorious emperor, a man who started out pure and clean and fell to an unknown illness which changed him into a sexual deviant, Caligula’s Curse is a new dimension of suspense from the Kreme library, fitting for the season where something spooky can quickly lead to something kinky.


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