Nov 11 2013

Place your Bets while you can!

Wanna Bet? By Kris P. Kreme

Wanna Bet? By Kris P. Kreme

Elisha has just led the youth of Oak Chapel as preacher for Youth Sunday. Now she’s leading a mystery man, Eric, on a tour of the church, though while his interests seem to be expressed towards the building and architecture, he clearly has more of an eye for her. Think a pretty young blonde leading a man on a tour of a church is dull? Wanna Bet?


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The Youth of Oak Chapel have just concluded running the regular church service, a big accomplishment for many of them, but particularly inspiring coming from Elisha. Elisha has not only shown the purity inside her with her actions and her beliefs, she has capped off the end of her high school by writing and giving the sermon in the service.

Everyone is proud of her, parents, friends, and of course Elisha is proud of herself. She has grown up in this church and today she is about to grow up more than she ever expected, thanks to a mysterious visitor who greets her after the service.

Eric is visiting Oak Chapel for the very first time, and while Elisha can’t put her finger on just what it is, there is something different about him. He seems friendly enough, interested in the architecture, the design of the old church building, but there’s more to him than a charming smile and unusually polite demeanor. Whenever he uses the word ‘bet’ in a sentence, Elisha finds herself reconsidering her thoughts, actions, and soon much much more.

What begins as a simple tour of the church, pretty young Elisha guiding the older man through the empty halls and rooms, telling him about their history, ends in a way no one will see coming, except possibly Eric.

You might think a pure virginal girl like Elisha is perfectly safe from sin inside a family church, but you’d better not bet on it this time.


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  1. Zoas

    This is one of the best Kreme stories ever. The build up is perfectly paced and the climax satisfying twisted.

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