Apr 05 2014

Beware The Gnome. Lots and lots of Gnomes.

The Gnome Net By Kris P. Kreme

The Gnome Net By Kris P. Kreme

After Jenny Lee moves into her first home, she notices there’s something very strange happening in the quiet mountainside neighborhood.

Yard gnomes are all over the place, in every yard but hers. These are creepy little stone sculptures with perverse poses and even more unsettling gazes.

At night everything changes, and soon Jenny Lee might just be changing too.

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Jenny Lee is definitely a strong-willed girl, and as of the day she first meets Mr. Otis at her new home, she is a fully independent girl at last. Having grown up in a family where she never had so much as her own room, getting the rental home with the option to buy is definitely the turning point in her young life. Unfortunately for Jenny Lee, she has no idea just where that turn will take her.

The home is a small place, nice and quiet, cottage like as are all the other homes in this remote mountainside neighborhood. The trees are tall and shady, adding a touch of mystery to the landscape, and every yard but hers seems covered in perhaps the oddest little yard gnomes she’s ever seen.

After Mr. Otis leaves, Jenny Lee begins the arduous task of unpacking and settling into her new life, the privacy and solitude definitely a new experience. She can’t get over the oddity of those yard gnomes though. They are stone little statues, but unlike any she has ever seen before these yard gnomes were apparently sculpted most perversely. Their poses are strangely sexual, their hands appearing to reach for her, to gesture towards her. It’s like the gnomes are watching but such a thought is impossible.

After an unsettling first night during which she hears mysterious screams of passion from her neighbor’s home, Jenny Lee walks out to discover much has changed, most notably every position of the dozens and dozens of yard gnomes spread around the neighborhood.

A single note in her mailbox warns, Beware of the Gnomes. Naturally Jenny Lee assumes this to be a hoax, some planned prank by possibly a kid in a neighboring home. Maybe it’s simply a welcome to the neighborhood hazing; though maybe it’s much much more.

That night, Jenny Lee is woken from her sleep by the sound of footsteps, and as she creeps through the dark to see who it might be, whether it’s simply her imagination or anxieties of being alone for the first time in years, everything changes.

What is the meaning of all the creepy perverse yard gnomes? Why does their position continue to change, their poses and their expressions never the same? Where is everyone else in this neighborhood and will Jenny Lee discover the truth in time?

Find out in the mystery tale which will keep you guessing and have you never looking at yard gnomes quite the same way again. Escape may prove impossible, from The Gnome Net.


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