Mar 30 2014

The Komplete Paranormal Trilogy is now available

Paranormal Trilogy by Kris P. Kreme

Paranormal Trilogy by Kris P. Kreme

The most terrifyingly tantalizing trilogy from the Kreme is finally brought together in one depraved and deadly volume.

Paranormal Entry, which introduced the mysterious DeLiniac Tower and saw a number of women working data entry get fully screwed by their work.

Paranormal Exit, where the Tower proved that no one could place its fate in their hands, especially two attractive state inspectors.

Paranormal Ending, where federal agents and an international paranormal investigation team uncovered more than the truth behind the power of DeLiniac Tower.

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The most hauntingly horrific tale ever to be told by the master of kreme is finally komplete.

For well over a hundred years, DeLiniac Tower stood, far away from the small town it was a part of, much more massive than any building in that town. A towering structure of such menacing presence, the building saw many stages during its life.

Originally constructed by Duncan DeLiniac, the tower housed and rehabilitated the criminally insane, but perhaps Duncan himself was the most insane, for it would take many years for the tower to fulfill its true purpose.

After over a hundred years of standing, largely abandoned, falling into disrepair, the power within its walls began to wake first with the construction crews turning it into an office complex. Several women working in data entry on one of the upper floors of the building met this power full force during a fluke storm which rose up in the surrounding mountains. They would soon discover just how twisted DeLiniac Tower can truly be, as well as the full meaning of getting screwed over by your work.

Less than a year after the women and what remained of the construction crew vanished, never to be heard from again, DeLiniac Tower was to receive a second course in its never ceasing meal to grow stronger.

Two women with the state inspectors never suspected the stories they heard were more than just true about the menacing looking structure in the wooded mountains outside town. Sent to determine whether the renovations should resume or whether DeLiniac Tower should finally be destroyed, they only found the ghostly presence of something within every wall dedicated to destroying them.

After resisting the pleasurable paranormal as best they could, these two never saw outside the walls of the tower again.

Finally, after much mystery and far too many unexplained disappearances, DeLiniac Tower was quarantined, access cut off but to a select few. Federal agents were sent in to supervise and see how progress was going for an international paranormal investigation team. What they ended up finding was the truth behind Duncan DeLiniac and his legacy.

From suspicions concerning demonic activity, ancient rituals, and all things paranormal to the secrets one member of this investigation hides, one thing is certain above all else.

DeLiniac Tower has been feeding and only just now is about to wake up and stretch the limits of a paranormal power like no one has ever witnessed before.

Proof that the paranormal exists, and its perversity knows no limits, Kris P. Kreme shows what quite possibly may be where the middle initial in his name comes from in all three individual stories compiled together for the first and only time, Paranormal Trilogy.


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