Jul 31 2014

Readers will enjoy a Bimbo Baked

Bimbo Baked by Kris P. Kreme

Bimbo Baked by Kris P. Kreme

The final book of Reader’s Choice 2014 has arrived and with it comes all of the fine bimbo baking you could ask for!

Mistakenly mixing in a batch of Bimbo Powder, an old gag gift made in the 1950s, Pete’s new wife Elisha cooks up something quite irresistible in the kitchen.

While the meal might be one thing, it isn’t what has Pete’s eye as he discovered the joys of being married to a ditzy little bimbo who used to be conservative and smart.

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Pete has just returned home from his honeymoon, marrying the sweetest girl, if not the most overly affectionate one, Elisha. Constantly teased by his buddy about Elisha being the wrong type of girl for him, Pete isn’t surprised to see that one of the wedding gag gifts waiting for him is some Bimbo Powder.

According to his buddy, Bimbo Powder is an old novelty from the 1950s, back when women were proud to be happy little bimbos for their husbands, when they were content to cook and clean and remain barefooted and pregnant, whatever pleased the man in the house.

As Pete laughs the idea of the powder away, he warns his buddy that Elisha would never find something like that funny, her conservative values and high intelligence far too high brow for such immature humor, even if it was more than half a century old.

Ending the catch up call from his buddy, Elisha arrives home, startling Pete as he quickly tosses the Bimbo Powder aside, not even thinking about it as the girl he married catches his eye.

Reminding him of some work he needed to go in and catch up on, Pete leaves Elisha to one of her goals, the girl always being goal driven and strong. Tonight she plans to tackle something new, the fine art of cooking Pete his favorite casserole.

In foreign territory such as the kitchen, Elisha quickly finds herself making a mess, knocking things over, spilling the various baking supplies. Only when she decides that maybe some spices will help her cooking venture succeed does she inadvertently find and mix the Bimbo Powder into what she’s making.

The smells of the powder soon get to her, calming her, ending her nervousness as the meal finally seems to be coming together. What’s more, Elisha finds herself having strange thoughts, not unpleasant ones, but very foreign to her.

Perhaps it’s the smell of baking, the experience transcending mere cooking and changing how she sees her new marriage entirely. More likely it’s the unknown powder pushing Elisha more and more into places where her mind has never been, her body seeming to swell and reshape slowly, ever manipulating itself as it does her ability to even comprehend what she is seeing.

By the time Pete gets home, dinner is smelling delicious, but the vision of perfection that greets him is not in the recognized form of his petite wife Elisha. She has changed, and not simply her clothing. Simpler, sweeter, dumber, this Elisha has only one appetite to satiate and that appetite calls for Pete buried deep within her.

Pete’s buddy may have been right; he may have been better off with a bimbo. Fortunately, and at least partly thanks to his buddy, Pete has a wife who can bake one right up.


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