Green. Positively Glowing Green.

Positively Glowing by Kris P. Kreme

Positively Glowing by Kris P. Kreme

After finally being tricked and manipulated himself, the man with the glowing green eyes is captured. Restrained, robbed of his abilities, he is taken far from civilization to an old converted farm.

A small team plans to study him, to find out how his body processes the abilities he has, to reproduce those powers and use them for beneficial goals, to help the world, not perversely pleasure it.

Plans change in the blink of a green eye, and this team gets much more than they bargained for.

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Some time ago, in a tropical paradise cove of unmistakeably green waters, a man nearly drowned after being stung by a most unusual school of jellyfish, larger than most, more brightly glowing than most. As the sun rose the following day, that man gave up more than just an old life where he was helpless to control anything around him. He gave up his very name.

For years he wandered, feasting on his new talents, the talents only evident by that special glow in his eyes, the greenest pools most had ever peered into. Their thoughts were open to the man with the green eyes and with that link he controlled and manipulated all for his perverse enjoyment, his depraved sense of justice and right and wrong.

The man avoided police justice, his crimes too impossible. He avoided the Yakuza, their minds turned to a lovely daughter of their powerful crime boss. The time has come though that the man can no longer avoid capture, and those who are after him know enough to finally take him down.

After an elaborate setup, the man with the glowing green eyes is finally captured, his abilities locked away by a neural inhibitor, cuffed and quickly whisked away to a private location, a laboratory facility located in the remnants of an old dairy farm, far from modern civilization.

Never refusing to smile, never changing his controlling persona, the man simply bides his time, knowing that the location is only too perfect for his kinks, the women who are studying his special mutated abilities of mind and body quite fitting to his interests.

A talented Asian woman named Linny Hum leads the purposefully small team of experts ready to replicate and control whatever abilities the green-eyed man has. Her goal, to provide the unique abilities to everyone from select military personnel to medical professionals, putting an abrupt end to all things bad through the use of mental influence and talents such that the man has used for mere pleasures.

Having already learned enough from the man’s mysterious past, a trail of victims with obvious similarities, Linny and her small team believe they have exactly what they need to manipulate him for a change. Even the fact they are all women was purposeful, only two highly trained male guards on site.

Although the man is quite surprised by Linny’s efforts, from her tracing the source of his abilities to the capture itself, he is never fully swayed and as soon as the doctor of her team has him alone, he begins his own plan, one which will forever keep him off the radar and give the world whole new threats to concern themselves with, threats in the form of all new green-eyed glows.

The facility which holds the man with the impossibly green eyes was once a dairy farm, and in the end, the exotic and attractive scientific minds working there will be milked of all things but pleasure, their goals changed, and quite possibly for some of them, their eye color finding an all new hue.

The man may be reaching his tale’s conclusion, but his future might just be Positively Glowing.


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