Jul 29 2014

Blowing Up Readers

Blown Away by Kris P. Kreme

Blown Away by Kris P. Kreme

After a drunken blur of a night being hazed into a mysterious Salem sorority, Kelly and Penelope wake to discover something is happening to them.

They are changing, bodies stiffer, muscles working less and less, mouths opening into subtle O shapes. A night where dark robed sorority girls taunted them with realistic looking sex dolls has done something they never expected.

Needless to say, the boys in their lives will be more than Blown Away by these two fresh sorority initiates.

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Kelly and Penelope were good girls, warned about pledging that one particular Salem sorority. They should have paid more attention to all the warnings, rumors of witches and certain rites which went far beyond normal hazing initiations.

It’s too late now though, especially waking up the day after an almost blacked out event neither can remember all the details of. Visions of drunk pledges being taunted by highly detailed inflatable sex dolls as the senior members chanted are about all either can remember. One thing is clear though, they got in and apparently the senior sorority sisters were blown away by their endurance.

For Kelly, who went back to the dorms, she wakes confused, mouth numbed a bit, drooling, feeling spaced out like never before. One look in the mirror at her perfect O shaped mouth and Kelly knows the bitches of that sorority must have spiked her drink or done something to make her look this way.

The way in which they taunted her and Penelope with sex dolls while muttering those stupid ritual chants, the way she looks now in the mirror, it all adds up.

Heading to the campus nurse’s office, she hopes someone there can correct the embarrassing situation of looking as she knows she looks, unable to barely even talk with her mouth constantly open.

Penelope isn’t having it much easier though her morning is playing out a bit different, having crashed at her boyfriend’s place. As he’s in the kitchen cleaning some dishes, she’s on the couch, struggling with a headache that feels like anything but an ordinary hangover.

As her voice tightens, her muscles stiffen, and she quickly finds herself unable to move, much less speak, Penelope realizes something very wrong is happening here.

Recalling little bits of the night before, she remembers the sex dolls, the way they looked so real and lifelike, their rubber flesh so true to life, Penelope finds herself wondering what it’s like.

She wonders what the sex doll could think if it could think, about a life dedicated to getting guys off, to being fucked and used, to having a body purely for their enjoyment.

Both Kelly and Penelope will soon discover what that is like as they each end up seeing their world change around them, no one seeing them as students anymore, only as the dolls they seem to have somehow transformed into.

The warnings should have clued them in, but now it’s too late. Now the sorority might have two more dolls for their collection, as they weren’t the only ones Blown Away by this year’s pledge class.


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    so you took the comment on legacy of lenny and ran with it. my hat is off to you kind sir.

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