Jul 27 2014

Readers are going to get Booked

Booking Brooke by Kris P. Kreme

Booking Brooke by Kris P. Kreme

Shy, bookish Brooke finds her desires shifting far from simply reading a book when one falls from a high shelf in the library, smacking her in the skull.

She suddenly needs to live out that book, to embrace the story in ways far more intimate, and that particular book just happened to be the Kamasutra.

Now Brooke will discover just what it’s like to be inside the book, not merely observing from the outside.

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Brooke was as predictable as she was naturally beautiful, a young woman with one passion beyond all others. Ever since the day she could read, Brooke had been eagerly obsessed with reading as many books as possible.

It’s no surprise then that on a Saturday night when many of her friends might be out on dates or at a party, Brooke would be alone at the local library, reading until they closed and forced her reading to a stop. On Saturdays the library closed two hours later, meaning it was prime time to spend extra long stretches reading and pulling down book after book from the dusty old shelves.

Tonight, however the shelves might just prove a bit too dusty, the old books slipping from her fingers and oddly enough hitting her where she least expected it.

She’s wearing her favorite shirt, the same comfy green shirt she wore years before, though having adapted to age in creative ways, sleeves removed, bit more snug than it used to be. Brooke is comfortable with old things, and after climbing a ladder and attempting to retrieve an old book from a high shelf, Brooke might take that comfort to all new extremes.

The book slips, just from her grasp, her own balance thrown off as she tumbles and falls. It isn’t until the book smacks hard into the side of her skull that everything falls into place.

As it turns out the book which struck the girl is an old copy of the Kamasutra and that only raises the embarrassment at how she pulled it down from the shelves. Her headache spasms wildly, her vision blurring, the night definitely taking a toll on her.

This will be only the first Saturday night, Brooke has left the library before closing time and as she sits in her car outside, listening to rain pattering on the roof, Brooke finds herself compelled to do something she never did before.

Approaching a man who often has been seen taking shelter from the rain in a small tunnel next to the library, Brooke realizes what she wants, though isn’t even sure why she wants it. Quiet, bookish Brooke has an unbelievable need to live out every last sexual position in the Kamasutra and she has chosen him as her partner.

As Brooke discovers, sometimes you read the books and sometimes the books read you. She’ll certainly never forget the night she got hit on the head by the Kamasutra, the night Brooke got good and booked.


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