Oct 02 2014

Halloween starts with a Hex you’ll never forget

Halloween Hex Dolls of Salem by Kris P. Kreme

Halloween Hex Dolls of Salem by Kris P. Kreme

Everyone knows about Omega House, the oldest sorority in Salem led by three evil and manipulative sisters. Sisters Malerie and Valerie are new to Salem.

Seeking a social event, the attractive twin sisters show up at The Omega House Mischief Mass, a party the night before Halloween.

This party they won’t be able to sleep off, doing things they never wanted to do, waking after to find their bodies and desires betraying them.

Can anything save them, or are they destined to forever be Hex Dolls of Salem?

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Over 17.000 monstrous words to begin Halloween with the Kreme 2014!

Valerie and Malerie are new to the University of Salem, transfer students that definitely warrant a second look. Most might think they are already getting that second look since Valerie and Malerie are identical twins.

Identical in every inch of their quite attractive bodies, Valerie and Malerie differ in many respects. Where Malerie takes things logically, seriously, analytically, and responsibly, her sister Valerie tends to be prone to flights of fancy, impulsive, generally the more creative of the two. One might say they are two halves to a whole mind, but that mind is about to find itself manipulated in a way neither girl ever expected.

Seeking a way to better get involved in student activities and learn the lay of the land, Malerie insists on taking Valerie to the student bulletin board where all the events are posted. However, when Valerie spots a posted sheet of paper advertising The Omega House Mischief Mass, their introduction to the University of Salem takes a rather twisted turn.

Omega House is a sorority and according to a friendly student named Ted who happens to bump into the sisters at the board, it’s a sorority best avoided.

According to Ted, Omega House is ruled by three elder sisters, sisters who are not what they seem, have apparently always been there, always the same, never aging, and somehow always ruling the campus. They pose a unique threat to any girl that pledges their sorority, but that isn’t the extent of the dangers in dealing with the Omega sisters.

Despite Ted’s warning of everything from ageless sorority vixens to innocent students turned into inflatable dolls, Malerie applies logic to the situation and changes her initial thought that a party is a dumb way to get to know their fellow students. She insists that Ted was just blowing smoke at them and they should check this Omega House Mischief Mass out.

A Mischief Mass it seems is a Halloween party the night before Halloween and once at the party Malerie and Valerie are unsurprised to see so many students. What they are surprised by is the odd collection of human like sex dolls inside the old sorority house, and strangely they are surprised to find the party not all that enjoyable.

Every girl there seems concerned, a look in their eyes, a reluctance to even be there. Every guy seems half drunk and half over the top horny and crude. For two attractive girls who happen to be twins that unfortunately draws them a lot of attention, but when Malerie and Valerie decide to call it a night and leave the party, everything takes a turn.

Crossing paths with the three elder Omega Sisters, Circe, Lilura, and Maeve, the twins discover that all rumors about them being quite powerfully strange and unsettling are very much the truth. After a short conversation, during which Malerie and Valerie find themselves unable to react as they would like, both girls are stunned to be called party favors, and even more shocked to feel like party favors as the guys at the party pass them around.

Waking back in their room on Halloween morning, all new sets of problems are faced, the sisters of Omega House having gained some sort of control, a power of unimaginable and for Malerie illogical means.

Controlled and manipulated by curses and desires not their own, Malerie and Valerie need to discover the truth about Omega House before it is too late.

Will research in the campus library uncover the origins of Omega House? Will Valerie’s American History lesson on the witch trials of Salem yield surprising insight into the elder sisters of the sorority? Can friendly student Ted who tried to warn the sisters away from the party possibly save them from a fate others have suffered before?

Find out in the bewitching mind-blowing first tale from the Kreme this Halloween with the Kreme 2014!


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