Feb 25 2015

Switch off your mind with a Kuickie

The Kuickies #9 - Mind Toggled by Kris Kreme

The Kuickies #9 – Mind Toggled by Kris Kreme

Out for a stroll through the city on a very pleasant day, things are about to go from pleasant to perverted for Justin and Lizzie.

Lizzie has always been into shopping and her latest purchase is a recycled and re-purposed toggle switch turned bracelet.

What happens when her joking boyfriend makes a comment about turning her on and then flips her toggle switch? One thing is certain, Lizzie is about to make the day much better for more than a few men in the city.


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Justin and Lizzie are the very example of the happy couple, Justin always easy to enjoy the company of his younger girlfriend. Today just happens to be a very nice day in the city, and nice days call for a nice walk, from shopping to just relaxing in the park. There’s maybe only one tiny little thing that could make today better for Justin and that’s the guarantee of a little action from Lizzie to say thanks for taking her out.

Even Lizzie knows that Justin has always had a perverted sense of humor and a rather active imagination. If reality were his fantasies they’d practically be doing it in the streets but still Justin is a lovable guy, silly as much as kinky. As long as the two of them are together nothing ruins his day, at least nothing until he gets a nasty shock from pressing the crossing button on an old light pole.

Shock survived, Justin turns his attention to one of Lizzie’s rather typically quirky purchases of the afternoon. It’s a bracelet, one made up of the recycled remnants of an actual toggle switch, just like the ones seen in hardware stores. Everything is there,
re-purposed and reshaped, accented by the toggle switch itself, the whole bracelet seeming pretty strange to Justin. Of course as proven by her tastes in guys, Lizzie has a love for the odd.

Their casual walk takes a turn when Justin, in one of his pervy musings makes the comment about what it would be like if turning Lizzie on was as simple as flipping a switch, like the little toggle switch on her new bracelet. Playfully doing just that, flipping her switch, Justin isn’t quite prepared for what follows.

In what at first seems a game to be playing along, Lizzie makes as though she is near instantly turned on, to degrees Justin has never witnessed before. No matter the lesson she might be trying to teach her imaginative pervy boyfriend, Justin isn’t going to deny that her behavior is kind of a turn on for him as well. At least it all is until she takes things a bit far… approaching some seedy looking bikers in a nearby parking lot.

Will the day go from nice to nasty for Lizzie and Justin? Will Justin learn his lesson to appreciate what he has before others appreciate it multiple times? Just what is the power behind this innocent looking toggle bracelet, or is the true power somewhere else entirely? Find out in the all new Kuickie Mind Toggled.


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