Feb 19 2015

My how you’ve changed… again.

My How the Family has Changed by Kris P. Kreme

My How the Family has Changed by Kris P. Kreme

In the Klassic My, How You’ve Changed, we met Eric, a loser turned success who seems to have left his awkward bullied years in school far in the past.

Eric has a unique way of turning a conversation into a series of changes, changes one never sees coming. Melinda, friendly, sweet, but making one mistake too many in high school discovered how she had changed since. Now it is Jeff’s turn, the bully himself, who has a sexy Asian wife and hot eighteen year old daughter.

Needless to say when Jeff receives an unexpected visit from Eric, the family is about to change.


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Once upon a time, way back in high school, Eric Friedman was the sensitive boy who saw ridicule each and everyday. He once thought that he’d met the perfect girl in the sweet and always kind Melinda, but Melinda gave in to the peer pressure when Eric showed some kindness and her giving in gave the bullies like Jeff all the power they needed to ruin Eric’s high school years forever.

Those days might be long behind him, but Eric never truly got past the humiliation. He did however learn a few tricks of his own powers, the powers of suggestion which can change everything about those who once did him wrong, setting everything quite right in his book.

Already having dealt with the sweet but flawed cheerleader, Melinda, (see My, How You’ve Changed by Kris P. Kreme) now Eric has patiently waited, let the years pass just right in order to pay a very special visit to the home of the old jock Jeff himself, the source of so much ridicule.

Jeff has done quite well for himself, nice home, nice neighborhood, gorgeous model wife with exotic Asian heritage and their daughter Kelsey who has just turned eighteen and clearly has much success in her way. Of course all it takes to change everything is some friendly conversation, catching up with Jeff’s old high school buddy Eric.

For some reason though, Jeff can’t seem to remember all the friendly conversations they’ve had over the years, keeping in touch after the awkward high school years. He can’t seem to recall giving Eric so many details about his wife and daughter, about the family and their rather unique home-based business. Then again, nothing Eric says is entirely untrue. In fact, it’s all completely factual which means Jeff must simply be forgetting, overlooking just how much the family has changed over the years.

While it was certainly true that he married a hot Asian model, a classy woman of refined tastes, it all changed after Kelsey was born, after their daughter began to grow into a beautiful woman who challenged her mother in the looks department. When did Veronica become so obsessed with competition she insisted on implants? When did the bright college bound Kelsey begin earning her straight As through sexual favors to her teachers? Maybe, most concerning of all, when did the family business become home-made porn where Jeff filmed other guys doing his wife and now legal daughter all over their home?

Whatever the case, whatever the confusion, Jeff is only too happy to finally see his old buddy Eric. He’s also more than happy to let Eric step in front of the camera and truly show the talents his wife and daughter have. He once called Eric a homo back in high school. Clearly though that isn’t the case, though as Eric is so fond of pointing out, many things have changed since high school. The family just happens to be one of them.


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