Apr 21 2015

Save the Planet!

Save the Planet by Kris P. Kreme

Save the Planet by Kris P. Kreme

Uptight and frigid Mary is privileged, wasteful, and cares nothing for the earth.

After getting a flyer in the mail with a little waving earth offering some tips on how she can save the planet, things quickly begin to change.

Her attitude slowly changes to one of conservation, but her willingness to do many things her husband Harrison enjoys will be anything but conservative and definitely not uptight or frigid.

Join Mary, and Save the Planet, with a little help from the Kreme.

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Mary is a high society girl, a woman who enjoys many luxuries like driving her bright red Hummer and leaving the engine running, leaving every light in the house on, littering local landfills with all the chemical makeups and plastics she uses. She doesn’t care much for the liberal crap about protecting the planet and nothing is going to change her mind about it.

At least that is how Mary’s return home on Earth Day one year starts out. She isn’t really all that interested in saving the planet, but a little card in with her mail might just change much more than Mary’s attitude.

The little colorful Earth Day card has a smiling globe with little arms that wave at her whenever she tilts the card a certain way. Celebrate Earth Day – Save the Planet it reads and Mary quickly laughs at the liberal piece of junk mail, off to shower and clean up before her husband Harrison returns from work.

After a nice shower, Mary finds herself returning to the odd little flyer that came in the mail, watching the way the little hands wave at her as she tilts the card. She finds herself actually reading the simple tips for how to better save the planet, tips which oddly enough she soon finds herself taking to heart.

There’s no harm in being a bit more frugal with the use of electricity around the house after all. But using less plastic… is there really plastic in her bra, in her panties, should she really go without them? Spending more time at home and not driving as much seems easy enough, especially when some rather entertaining ideas of how she and her husband can occupy themselves occurs to her. As for eating more organic, Mary’s hunger for something organic only her husband can provide her with might just lead to orgasmic satisfaction with a whole new type of meal.

Follow Mary’s example this Earth Day and you too can Save the Planet.


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