Jun 28 2015

It’s Déjà Vu all over again…

Independence Déjà Vu by Kris P. Kreme

Independence Déjà Vu by Kris P. Kreme

For Megan, graduation from college meant freedom, the ultimate independence from a life planned and scheduled for nearly her entire life.

The day after graduation though, she sees something on the way into town that shakes everything about her independence. People she knows and people she doesn’t know are doing perverted inappropriate things in public and the biggest mystery for Megan is not why they are doing it, but why it all feels so familiar.

Can Megan save herself from ending up just like them?


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On the morning after Megan graduated college, the first day of her own personal independence… everything went crazy with the world, everything went insane with those she knew. For Megan though, the most crazy and insane thing of all was the feeling that all of this had happened before.

Her life had been rigorously maintained and scheduled for over twenty years, but the day after graduation, Megan for the first time did not know what to expect, a new adventure ahead, one where her own independence might lead down many roads. On a drive into town that day she hardly traveled any distance before seeing an old friend, Janie, just a couple of years behind her in school.

Right there on the side of the road for any passing traffic to see, Janie was showing that she truly was a daddy’s girl and despite the sick public nature of it all, Megan just knew this had happened before, as though seeing such a shocking thing struck a memory in her mind she wasn’t even aware of.

Further down the road, Megan spotted a cop having pulled over a young woman, the cop doing anything but frisking her, his activities no less public than Janie’s had been, the woman getting no less than Janie had. Again, the feeling all of this made sense somehow, that it had happened before somewhere else, to someone else.

When Megan arrived at her hometown mall, already expecting something to be going on, she almost isn’t even surprised to see a local reporter outside, pumping some kids for more than a story. She isn’t even that shocked when she goes inside, having arranged to meet a friend at the food court, and spots a couple of younger girls at a nearby table.

The girls are sisters and apparently like doing everything together, including the boys they are chatting up. Witnessing the perverse little tryst this group has near the restrooms off the food court, Megan once again can’t help but find all of this familiar, as though it was all scripted to occur, as though there was no independence, only the feeling it has happened before and will happen again.

Finding her friend she’d been waiting for, things only get stranger and more perverse as it seems everyone is behaving in ways no normal person would behave, crude depraved ways, no thought given to where they are or who they are with.

Will Megan finally understand her Independence Déjà Vu or will she find out that freedom is an illusion and fate has special plans for her, plans that start the moment she sets foot back home, the moment she greets her family after a crazy day like this?


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