Readers can get some Anime AIR

Anime AIR by Kris P. Kreme

Anime AIR by Kris P. Kreme

Anime DNA returns Readers!

Anime DNA put fantasies in the bloodstream, making a girl what she hated most. Anime AIR will have a girl gasping for a fresh breath.

Horrified to discover her boyfriend Joey likes kinky anime movies with busty child faced Asian girls getting violated by tentacles, Allison rips his favorite posters down, ripping them apart. When the scraps are accidentally sucked into an open return on their AC, a series of sleepless nights begin for Allison.

Will Allison become what Joey always wanted or will the house itself get some tentacles on Allison first? Find out in the most extreme Anime tale yet.


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Allison has had enough of her weirdo boyfriend’s perverted fantasies. She always knew he had a thing for Anime but until the night he shared watching an anime in their home together, she never knew just how sick some of the stuff in those animated adult movies was.

Almost as soon as the movie is over, Allison explodes, her tendency to go off like a feral cat and lash out with claws nothing new to Joey but certainly nothing he’s experienced to this extreme. Crazy and angry, Allison marches off from the living room to their shared bedroom, a place she has generously allowed Joey to display several posters of his favorite anime movies.

Despite pleas from Joey that it was only a movie and that she is the one he loves, not some fake cartoon Asian schoolgirl looking character that gets violated by tentacles, Allison is done dealing with his perverse fantasies. She’s also done looking at them, ripping the posters from the walls and tearing them into shreds.

Joey is helpless to stop her, once Allison is enraged, nothing stopping her from getting her way. Besides, it isn’t like Joey ever had chances with a girl as hot as Allison before, her dark hair coming close to at least looking vaguely Asian, easily closest he could get to his fantasy anime girls in real life.

Lecturing her pervert of a boyfriend as she pulls down and trashes his prized posters, Allison is also quick to point out the open filter cover on the AC return in the hall, yet another around the house project Joey has put off completing.

Quick to try and pull himself from the doghouse, Joey offers to run to the hardware store, to get the right size filter and finish the simple task of changing the air filter. It isn’t remotely helping Allison feel better towards him, but even she agrees the time apart will do some good.

Unfortunately for Allison, while Joey is gone and she is sweeping up the shredded remains of Anime posters to toss in the trash, the AC kicks on and with no filter in place, most of the shredded poster she took her aggression out on, the movie they’d just watched, is sucked right into the walls of the small home.

Angry and too frustrated to deal with anything more, Allison simply makes sure that all of Joey’s anime junk is in the trash by the time he returns. He is only given one choice, the anime or her.
Naturally, Joey relents and chooses her, but that doesn’t win him too many points, sent to sleep on the couch for several days because of all this.

That night, Allison wakes for the first of several sleepless nights, nightmares she can’t remember startling her, the cool flowing air from the vents cooling her and helping to calm unsettled nerves. Looking at herself in the mirror, Allison is startled yet again, her skin pale, but not just pale, different seeming, subtle and nothing too alarming, but concerning.

Each night is the same, the air seeming strangely scented, the sleeplessness continuing, and something very odd happening with the bathroom fixtures, both faucet and shower head dripping or rather oozing a strange substance which almost seems familiar to her.

Complaining to Joey, Allison assumes it’s yet another series of household projects he should get off his perverted lazy ass and take care of, but something is different this time, and Joey might be the only one who seems to suspect it, too afraid to just point it out to Allison.

It isn’t until the night she wakes with the swelling that Allison really begins to freak out, just positive that something bad is in the air, something she is breathing in at night and something which clearly her body is having some extreme reactions to.

Joey calls in an expert, at least on checking the AC and ventilation. However when the man discovers pieces of a certain Anime poster clogged in sections of the home ventilation, particularly right around the bedroom and bathroom, will Joey make the decision to have those scraps of paper removed or will he realize just what might be affecting his girlfriend so much in recent nights?

Find out what happens in the surprise Readers Choice tale that takes you beyond the extremes of Anime DNA, to a place where every breath a girl takes, she’s taking in more and more Anime AIR. Longer than Anime DNA and twice as twisted, discover the dangers of discovering your boyfriend has perverted fantasies and the even more extreme dangers of discovering you might just be becoming those fantasies.


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