Jul 26 2015

Donnie’s back for Reader’s Choice Month

Donnie the Demon's Church Charity by Kris P. Kreme

Donnie the Demon’s Church Charity by Kris P. Kreme

Donnie’s back and things aren’t going to be the same again!

Five very good church girls are about to have a very bad day, when their appointed leader Dominique strikes up a deal with Donnie for some free costumes on loan for their annual church charity.

The costumes are animal themes, but why is there a devil costume on top of the bunch and what will happen when Dominique decides to put that costume on? Find out what happens to good innocent girls when Donnie’s demon friends play yet another joke on our favorite dimwitted mini-pizza loving demon.


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Every year Dominique and her friends organize and plan the children’s church charity event, and every year it has a theme. For this year’s big summer charity event they’ve chosen the theme of Noah’s Ark and so animal costumes are needed.

Ordinarily they might make their own or go somewhere and find cheap costumes but Dominique has an idea, one that might result in costumes a bit more intense than she was ever anticipating. All of the girls know Donnie’s Costume Castle, and more importantly all of them know of the rather eccentric seeming owner of Donnie’s Costume Castle, Donnie the Demon, apparently called that because he always wears an amazingly detailed demon costume.

Dominique has the thought that maybe the two can work together, the church getting costumes donated in exchange for free promotion to all the parents of the children who will be attending the charity event. It’s a perfect plan, and from what she has heard Donnie is a really nice guy, beyond all the sinful demonic look he seems to go for in his daily costume.

The other girls, twin sisters Candy and Sandy, the fiery redheaded Jessica and the mousy shy Amy are not too sure about this plan, but Dominique has always been a take charge dominant girl, ultimately with good intentions.

Everything seems to be going well, Donnie showing up with a selection of animal costumes he picked out after speaking with Dominique on the phone. He’s just as quirky and friendly as she said and seems quite thrilled about helping out. Of course when it comes to demons, Donnie is harmless. It’s his two mischievous friends one has to watch out for and as usual those two friends and former bullies, Melgrim and Grimmel are not too far away, watching events unfold at the church, events they have put their typical twist on.

Upon opening the box Donnie brought, the girls are shocked to see not only the animal costumes promised but a bright red devil costume on top. As with many of the costumes, this devil costume is overtly sexy, a bit too much for typical church costume events, but what is worse, there are only four animal costumes in the box, leaving one girl either without a costume or stuck with the devil costume, complete with little plastic pitchfork.

Donnie assumes it’s a mistake, somehow the wrong costume getting mixed in the bunch, but his old buddies from hell are behind it, this devil costume key to creating chaos among the church girls.

Dominique agrees since it was her idea to call on Donnie, she will try on the devil costume, assuring the girls that at the very least a devil costume might can work with a church event. For twins Candy and Sandy, they find a peacock costume and cute horse costume. Jessica finds the sexy cat costume leaving their shy friend Amy quite appropriately with the deer costume.

As odd an assortment of animals as it might be, the real point is to have full costumes and entertain the kids, so Dominique assumes it will all work out fine, but Donnie decides to wait while each of the girls try on the costume inside the church, make sure they fit okay.

As soon as Dominique slips on her devil costume, a whole new influence is released inside her, the already dominant confident girl becoming more than a bit more devilish and definitely dedicated to some truly evil acts concerning her costumed friends.

It seems the little plastic pitchfork isn’t such a cheap prop after all, thanks to Melgrim and Grimmel and Dominique becomes Demonique, anyone she pokes with the pitchfork subject to her whims of transformation, both mind and body.

Her four innocent church girl friends are dressed as animals, and when Dominique joins them, each will discover what it’s like to become those animals, in only the most twisted way possible with nothing but depravity in their future as they go from sweet and wholesome to downright animalistic and slutty right there in the church parking lot.

There’s only two things you can count on when Donnie provides the costumes. One is good mini-pizzas and the other is a downright hellish good time to be had by all. Join Donnie the Demon, in the most unlikely place ever for Readers Choice Month, and head to a very special Church Charity.


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