Watch out for Booby Traps Readers!

Booby Trapped by Kris P. Kreme

Booby Trapped by Kris P. Kreme

It’s a trap Readers! A Booby Trap!

Zoe’s at the beach with her parents, enjoying time away from her studies in molecular physics at college, something that surprises most about the attractive young blonde.

Everything about this vacation may take a turn for the twisted when Zoe gets a phone call walking on the beach one morning, a call that claims she has been Booby Trapped.

Complete three tasks or suffer massive breast growth for each failed attempt, is this real and what will Zoe do? Readers Choice Month introduces truly TITillating terrorism.


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Zoe is actually enjoying her vacation on the beach, even if she is there with her parents. She’s never been a real party girl anyway, quiet, intelligent, quite a contrast to the stereotype most associate with her when seeing the young blonde college student.

The truth is that anyone who got to know Zoe would quickly find out that she’s smarter than average, earning a degree in molecular physics, spending most of her free time reading and hardly any thoughts given to what typical blonde bimbos might be into.

Some people fit the stereotypes, Zoe realizes and she has always been thankful she doesn’t. Unexpectedly though, Zoe may soon question everything she knows during a morning walk on the beach.
Taking her cell phone with her, just because her parents weren’t up yet when she left their condo, Zoe is surprised to get a call, but not from them, from someone she has never spoken to before.

Nobody would have her number here at the beach, certainly nobody around besides her parents, but whoever is on the phone seems to indicate they can see her, that they are watching, and that if she doesn’t complete three tasks something very bad will happen.

The voice is disguised electronically, no way of telling male from female, and Zoe is quick to dismiss the severity of the tone as some horrible idea of a joke, particularly when the first task is assigned, to kiss the next three men she sees on the mouth.

It has to be some warped gag, she thinks, even more so when the supposed penalty for not completing each task is claimed to be a sudden growth of her breasts. Zoe has been Booby Trapped, the voice on the phone says, and unless she wants to be much more massive up top in a hurry she better complete the three tasks given to her.

Only after refusing the first task, definitely not the type of girl to kiss random strangers, does Zoe discover the horror that she truly has been Booby Trapped, a strange feeling quickly followed by painful sudden stretching growth, her tits growing so quickly her bra snaps off and into the sand.

Zoe realizes somehow someway this is actually happening and now she faces the severe possibility of ending up so busty she can’t even stand or giving in and following through on two more tasks which only become much more perverse and depraved with each word of the mysterious voice on the phone.

Will Zoe end up the bimbo she never wanted to be? Will she discover who the voice is holding the fate of her bra size with each assigned task? Find out in the tale sure to be an instant new Kreme Klassic, the brand new tale of titillating terrorism, Booby Trapped.


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