Jul 28 2015

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Flipping Fiona by Kris P. Kreme

Flipping Fiona by Kris P. Kreme

Fiona has always been able to sell homes, but the home she is selling today is much more important. It’s the first home she herself has money in, buying and flipping it, hoping to add to slumping real estate income in recent years.

When she meets a potential buyer named Mast, Fiona discovers quickly that more than just his name is unusual, his sense of humor seeming to get more and more perverse as the house tour goes on.

Will she sell the house, or will she sell herself?


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Fiona has been in real estate for years, many in the area familiar with her very attractive face on all the For Sale signs in neighborhoods all across town. However, the real estate game has taken a hit in recent years and so she’s decided to start flipping homes herself.

It’s a big leap, going from selling a home for a client and taking a percentage to selling a home for herself and taking it all, but Fiona feels confident that she has chosen the right home, done the right upgrades, and made the right decisions that will sell this home on the day of her open house.

The home is a nice one, plenty of space, nicely upgraded in almost every room, definitely a house she knows she should have no trouble selling, but still Fiona can’t help but be nervous. Her nerves are particularly thin after waiting for hours on the morning of the open house and seeing nobody show up.

Pacing and imagining the worst, Fiona is thrilled when finally a man comes to the door, a rather odd gentleman by the unusual name of Mast. As nobody else is there and she’s wanting to make the absolute best impression possible, selling the home completely, Fiona offers to take Mast on a tour of the house herself, room by room, pointing out all the upgrades or amenities this home can offer.

It’s going well and Mast seems impressed, definitely liking the rooms, the space, but seeming to have a rather odd way of speaking, making little jokes that increasingly begin to seem more than a little inappropriate to Fiona, as she seems to be the subject of most of these joking comments.

Determined to make the sale and not let anyone’s comments cause her to be rude, Fiona keeps right on leading Mast through the house, pushing aside what she thinks she hears him saying and focusing on the fact he is interested in the home.

The ultimate question though is whether by the end of this tour Mast will be more interested in buying the house or Fiona? Find out what happens when flipping a house flips more than just profits and discover an all new way of walking the property with a lovely young real estate agent during Readers Choice Month.


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