Jul 30 2015

Reader’s Choice Month is Moooving Out!

Mooving Day by Kris P. Kreme

Mooving Day by Kris P. Kreme

An ugly divorce from Jon has Jackie and her daughter Leah on the road to their new home, truck packed and ready to be unloaded.

When the movers waiting at the new home offer the women some refreshing bottles of water while they relax, everything takes a twisted turn and nothing about this move may quite be what it seems.

Sometimes when faced with a change as serious as a new town and a new home, it’s best to truly milk the most out of it and make the best of Mooving Day.


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Jackie and her daughter Leah are on the road, truck packed, entire life boxed up and ready for a fresh start. It isn’t under ideal circumstances though, Jackie’s divorce messier than it should have been, all thanks to her ex-husband Jon.

Jon wasn’t Leah’s real father but he was around most of the girl’s life and now that she’s just turned eighteen, about to be a senior in high school, everything in her life is being uprooted, leaving the shy girl alone without friends at a new school in a matter of months.

Something changed in Jon, Jackie knows, something very bad, his attitude shifting, the affairs starting. It was as though Jon became a different man and the man he became was both obsessed with farming, an entirely new career, and a real foul-mouthed jerk, speaking horribly towards both Jackie and her daughter during those last few weeks.

A new beginning will be good, Jackie thinks, at least she hopes it will. It won’t be easy though and Leah is really who she worries the most about. It’s time to move on from bad places and move into good ones, time to head to a new place in the country, a smaller and quieter neighborhood, far away from Jon and all his bizarre crude behavior.

When Jackie pulls the big moving truck into the driveway at their new home, she and Leah are greeted by friendly faces, the moving men she’d called beforehand already there and waiting, ready to unload the truck and help move Jackie and Leah in.

Jim and his sons Frank and Joe seem like nice friendly small town folk, the exact kinds of faces both women needed to see on a stressful day like this. Jim is even kind enough to have brought bottles of water, offering as many as Jackie or Leah would like as they rest and just take it easy while he and the boys unload the truck.

Everything seems perfect, a stressful move already calming and a new place seeming like the right place before they’re even unpacked. The only odd thing is the taste of the water, so very much refreshing, so oddly addicting, more so than Jackie would have thought, even Leah finding herself far more thirsty than she ever would have imagined.

Sent off to choose a bedroom inside, Leah is mostly caught up in her thoughts, concerned about a new school her senior year, having to make new friends, dealing with all that Jon had said to her before the divorce. She’s feeling a little sick, though maybe it isn’t sick as the water she seems to be drinking is oddly making her feel strange all over.

Is it Leah’s imagination or are her breasts bigger than they were and what is up with her mother acting almost drunk from just a few bottles of water on the front porch? Find out how thrilling a move can really be and how good a few bottles of water can be on the most important final day of Readers Choice Month.

It’s Mooving Day and this is one month you won’t want to leave behind without milking the most from it.


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