Someone’s getting Booby Trapped… again.

Booby Trapped: Teach or Be Taught by Kris P. Kreme

Booby Trapped: Teach or Be Taught by Kris P. Kreme

Brianne’s new stepson happens to be in the biology class she’s substituting for, though he seems to be more interested in studying her biology.

That’s why when she gets a strange phone call conveniently after he uses the bathroom pass to leave the room, she is positive it’s from Sam.

Still, would Sam really disguise his voice to call and threaten her that her tits are going to grow should she refuse his tasks?

Only one thing is sure. This is one lesson no one will forget.


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Brianne has been trying her best to be a good stepmother to Sam, having only married his father over the recent summer. Unfortunately nothing seems to be making him see her the same way she sees him, as family.

Eighteen and a senior in one of the high school classes she substitute teaches in, Sam seems always distracted, constantly sneaking looks at her which worries Brianne. Her husband, George, though finds nothing to worry about as he drives both her and his son to the high school, assuring Brianne that his son is just doing what comes natural for a kid his age, checking out attractive women. As he says, there’s no telling how many substitute teachers he checked out when he was Sam’s age.

Brianne is worried though, very much wanting this family to work out, but more so worried about the fact she is subbing for Sam’s biology teacher today. It isn’t purely the fact he’s been staring at her from time to time, but the fact that over the last few months Sam has been distant, cutting himself off from the world, having an attitude about every little thing.

Fortunately during biology class, there is only a filmstrip to show while she can spend time privately in the small glassed in office off the main bio lab classroom. It means two things, darkened room so less chance of Sam staring, and she can be at the back of the room where she doesn’t need to fear being the unintentional center of attention.

It’s surprisingly fine when Sam’s class comes in at the end of a long day of teaching, none of the concerns she worried all day about playing out. At least there’s no concerns until Sam asks to use the bathroom pass.

Barely a couple of minutes after he leaves the classroom, Brianne’s cell phone buzzes from her purse. Answering the phone, Brianne listens as an electronically disguised voice informs her that she has been Booby Trapped. Told that she will be given three tasks and must perform each one in the allotted time, Brianne is warned that refusal or not fulfilling the task in time will result in massive growth to her already nice sized tits.

Just the mention of her tits, which Sam was checking out that morning and the convenient way he excused himself from the classroom have Brianne sure that he is the voice on the phone. But what exactly is his game and why would he do something like this during class?

A day that seemed to be better than she had feared quickly takes a serious turn for the worse when after refusing the first task, Brianne finds that maybe the impossible threats of that voice on the phone weren’t so impossible after all.

Is it really Sam doing this to her? Will Brianne ever substitute teach again? Or will she be taught one hell of a lesson in educating the male student body?

Find out in the all new chapter of Booby Trapped, the newest Kreme series and one guaranteed to tit-illate until the very end.


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