Sep 28 2015

October 2015 is Readers’ Scare Month!

October is just around the corner and the time of spookiness is almost here.

Things that go bump in the night are just the beginning.

Halloween with the Kreme this year transforms into…

Readers’ Scare Month


17 frightfully good new stories from the Kreme!

New bimbo horrors!

The return of Bimbo Bombed and Trance-tory!

A special double treat of SINtendo!

And, of course, Donnie returns to enjoy the time of the season and all of the mini-pizzas he can!

But the most shocking surprise of all is the return of Fertile Fields and a sequel to Disobedience!

Get ready Readers!

The countdown to the biggest month of Kreme ever has begun!



Reader's Scare Month