Oct 01 2015

SINtendo begins Reader’s Scare Month!

SINtendo DLS by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo DLS by Kris P. Kreme

Terrified not just of making a bad impression, Nate is scared of his girlfriend, Miranda’s father. The man gives good reason as a hard nosed cop.

However, after Miranda clicks on what she believes is downloadable content sent to Nate while he’s getting cleaned up to leave, she might just find herself more interested in getting her nose in a hard cock than anything remotely law abiding.

Readers Scare Month begins, and some fears are not a game, especially when SINtendo is involved.


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Nate is more than a little nervous about going with his girlfriend to meet her parents for lunch. There’s very good reason that one of his biggest fears is the man Miranda calls dad and not the least of which is the fact he’s a man who always carries a gun.

As if naming his only daughter Miranda isn’t enough of a clue, Nate’s girlfriend is the little girl of a cop and as such she is always a good girl. Nate fully respects her, cares for her, and has no doubt of her good nature, but her father scares the hell out of him.

In fact the biggest fear Nate has this spooky month of October isn’t ghosts and goblins or ghouls that haunt his nightmares. The biggest fear is an angry cop waiting at the family country club for a personal lunch with his good little girl and her boyfriend.

Struggling with his tie, trying to look his absolute best, Miranda is getting a little concerned they will be late. As she is talking him down from the edge of anxiety, Miranda happens to be standing near Nate’s computer when a friend of his online messages him.

Nate is too busy to respond but tells her it’s probably just a guy named Kevin that he met online, a guy who seems more into gaming than even Nate is and has offered some special downloadable content.

Miranda’s only confusion is what DLS stands for. Asking Nate about the message, he simply calls out assuring her that it’s DLC, short for downloadable content. Kevin had mentioned sending something about sending it and since it might take awhile to download anyway, she might as well click it and start the process while they rush over to be on time for his face to face time with the most intimidating man he knows.

What neither of them could possibly know is that by the simple act of clicking that mouse, Miranda’s world is going to be turned upside down, and Nate will face fears he never imagined, though surprisingly in a quite positive mood.

What begins as some fidgeting and subtle groping of herself in the car quickly escalates until it is quite obvious something is up with the always good cop’s daughter.

Something is happening with every mile they drive, with every minute that passes, something only noted on an unseen progress bar on his computer back at his apartment.

By the time they reach the classy club for lunch, Miranda may be interested in doing things with little or no class considered. In police lingo, the Miranda refers to rights, but for Nate’s girlfriend, Miranda will be doing many wrongs before this day is over.

Let the fear of Readers Scare Month begin with one of the most basic, the fear of a girlfriend’s father and yet a fear that sometimes can’t be avoided because in the world of SINtendo, sometimes you aren’t just afraid, sometimes you’re fucked.


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