Oct 05 2015

Readers! Donnie’s back for Halloween!

Donnie the Demon and Desda the Ex by Kris P. Kreme

Donnie the Demon and Desda the Ex by Kris P. Kreme

When Donnie’s ex, a demoness from hell, shows up ready to help sell costumes during his busiest season, dimwitted Donnie is fine with it.

Trusting and clueless, Donnie never imagines that her true motive is revenge on Donnie the best way she knows how, by torturing and ruining what he loves most, humans.

This Halloween season, the costumes won’t even need to be worn for the hellish magic to work some wonders. Readers Scare Month reminds readers never to anger an ex who happens to be truly demonic.


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Everyone’s favorite time of the year naturally means everyone’s favorite dimwitted but lovable lug of a demon is back and this year is extra special for Donnie’s Costume Castle.

He’s always done well selling costumes, even if so many of his customers from the local college seem to change their life plans so drastically after visiting his store. This year though, he’s had a most unexpected face from his past come crawling up from hell for a visit and she’s taking over the sales floor, leaving Donnie to his favorite snacks by the door.

Donnie the Demon never much cared for hell, having only dated one demoness a long time ago. Trust Donnie to be too clueless to realize that Desda might not be a demoness of good intentions, particularly feeling dumped by Donnie due to his love of humanity and the life up above.

Unknown to the simple fool, Desda isn’t here to help his sales. She isn’t working the floor to sell to the customers. Desda is here for one reason and one reason only, revenge.

Desda has finally escaped hell and just in time for that part of the year when humans just love getting all dressed up, Halloween. Those humans Donnie loves so much have been corrupted in the past by the joking demonic bullies, Melgrim and Grimmel, but this year those two have been cleared out, as no one stands in the way of what Desda wants.

Where their pranks in the past were twisted and funny, Desda has a much more cruel torture in mind, a corruption of much more than the minds of the customers but a corruption of their bodies and souls, no costumes needed.

For some unfortunate local university students, Desda is about to make their fantasies and nightmares come true simultaneously, without a moment’s notice.

Mitchell and Will are guys who think they have a plan to finally score with their favorite three chicks, girls who have a truly obvious love for nature. Two blondes and a redhead, Lynn, Ivy, and Shay are easily swayed into visiting the costume shop, with hopes of finding an earthy green costume to match their deepest passion. When Desda finds them though, passions will be deeper and darker than ever imagined.

Will Mitchell and Will get what they want from the girls? Will Ivy get rooted to her choice of costume before she even puts it on? Will Lynn discover that choosing a frog costume has her jumping out of her shirt? And what about Shay, who can’t seem to find a costume; will she find out how much that can really suck?

Find out in the all new twisted tale of terror and torture, courtesy of Desda the Ex, as Donnie happily enjoys another Halloween with the tastiest treats besides his customers, mini-pizzas.

Readers Scare Month reminds you that a rejected ex is fuel for both fire and fear, particularly when that ex just happens to be a demoness from hell.


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