Dec 07 2015

On the first day of Kris-mas… SINtendo

SINtendo Santa: Nice and Naughty by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Santa: Nice and Naughty by Kris P. Kreme

Not every Nick this time of year is an old saint, and one of those young Nick’s is about to find some SINful entertainment on the street.

After lifting a wealthy man’s phone and finding it unlocked, Nick downloads a very special app game called SINtendo Santa: Nice and Naughty.

The game promises what no other game can, to finally take a Nice girl and truly button mash her into 100% Naughtiness. Imagine Nick’s surprise when he finds that this is no mere game.


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Nick is a kid of the streets, a mother who doesn’t care much, a father who is gone, and he’s built up a tough outer shell and skills that serve him well. Today he’s certainly not feeling the Christmas spirit, intent on a little taking instead of giving, but when a perfectly executed bump and grab gives him a wealthy man’s fancy cell phone, Nick finds that maybe this will be a happy holidays after all.

Normally he’d just pawn it off for some quick cash, maybe buy some games for the old video game consoles he owns. Nick loves gaming, but sadly rarely has gotten to play a modern game, that is until he settles down with his stolen score and finds it unlocked.
Thumbing through to the app store, Nick finds endless options of games he never has heard of and what he has heard is that phone games are getting incredibly advanced, more so than some of the old console games he enjoys.

Scrolling past endless little options, Nick finds a game he simply can’t ignore, partially because of the little dancing girl in the holiday apparel. It’s called SINtendo Santa: Nice and Naughty, and he is just bored enough to sit on this city bench and give it a try.
Even after the warning that proclaims this app contains mature themes and is for adults only, Nick has no clue just where this game will take him and who it will take him to.
According to instructions, the player takes on the role of SINtendo Santa and the ultimate goal is to leave every woman around over the age of eighteen nice and naughty.

It definitely sounds like fun and especially when Nick reads that the game accesses the phone’s camera and data network of nearby cell phone holders. All he has to do to begin is press the button labeled Checking His List.

Nick isn’t used to this kind of fun on the streets but almost feels a little disappointed when the game turns out to be little more than button mashing, the general rules that an overhead map showing his immediate area will appear. On that map will be little labels of available players to incorporate into his fun. He then can select a NICE player and by pushing the right sequence of random buttons that will appear, buttons labeled NICE or NAUGHTY, he will either lose points for hitting NICE or win points for hitting NAUGHTY.
The end game goal is simple, make the chosen player 100% NAUGHTY. As likely disappointing as it seems, the part about mature content still has Nick too interested to just give up before trying, so he checks the list, checks it twice, and finds two perfectly nice pawns for his fun.

One is a younger brunette, cute but tough looking, leaning against a brick wall across the street from him. She seems to have an attitude just by her posture but Nick could tell even before the game could that she’s all nice. The other option for his game is a woman down the street from him, her rich looking husband pacing and talking on a phone, seeming to ignore her for the moment. She’s definitely hot, so Nick can easily imagine playing with her, in his mind.

Nick settles back on the bench, eyes on the phone, and starts to play SINtendo Santa, but what he never notices is that the moment he presses a thumb to the first NAUGHTY button appearing over the younger brunette, the actual girl herself flinches as she feels an invisible punch to her gut exactly where the labeled button appeared over her image on Nick’s phone.

As a giant phantom finger punches into various parts of her, this girl begins to change, begins to feel both pain and pleasure, and never knows that each successful punch is making her only naughtier.

Nick’s always been good at gaming, but what will happen when this game offers rewards like none other? What will happen when he reaches 100% Naughty? And is anyone safe from a most un-saintly Nick during Christmas time?

Find out on the First Day of Kris-mas!


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