Sep 06 2016

This month the Lost Kreme takes a pill

The Lost Kreme Issue #4: Pill Popped by Kris P. Kreme

The Lost Kreme Issue #4: Pill Popped by Kris P. Kreme

Sweet and wholesome, Jane still enjoys the desires of her husband, Craig. Surprisingly her desire for sexual thrills might get dirtier thanks to a routine dental cleaning.

Jane is supposed to take four pills a day for two days after the cleaning, but the side affects those pills will have are going to last a whole lot longer.

Alone at home for the day, each pill will affect her both mentally and physically in ways she never imagined, but soon can’t imagine living without. A clean smile definitely leads to a dirty mind in the latest issue of The Lost Kreme.


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Sometimes a tale gets lost among the stars, and a Kreme tale is never as empty and lifeless as the vastness of space, though the same can’t be said about the minds of those poor vacuous women featured in such tales. This tale has been spotted in the night skies and reeled back in, bringing us the story of one such woman, the latest woman to find herself starring in issue #4 of The Lost Kreme.

They say a clean smile is a happy smile, or is that horny smile? For the sweet wholesome housewife Jane, the line between happy and horny will be blurring as much as her vision of just what she desires out of life, at least after a routine cleaning from her dentist leaves her taking a special antibiotic pill four times a day for a couple of days.
Popping pills was never so dangerous as it is when Jane discovers that each pill seems to have more than just side effects, and much more than just temporary ones.

Warned that the pills can have adverse affects such as changes in behavior, localized swelling, and appetite issues, Jane never suspects that the pills she is required to take will flip her entire world upside down, and at least a few times, flip herself into all manner of positions.

When her husband Craig has to work late due to an important meeting, Jane already knows she’s going to have to fend the day alone at home, assuring him she’ll have his dinner warming and waiting when he comes home. Craig, though, could never suspect that after just a day of popping her prescription pills, he’ll arrive home to a wife he never married, but one he can’t get enough of in the end.

Jane has never been aggressive, inside or outside the bedroom, but one pill has her feeling all new desires, ones she is eager to explore herself, losing herself to the stimulation her hands can bring her own nubile body.

One more pill and she’s already beginning to feel swollen in places her lunch definitely wouldn’t have filled. She’s also losing all control over just how turned on she is by every touch to her body.

Popping her third pill of the day has Jane seeing the changes and not just feeling them, as well as passing out only to wake up with quite clear side effects that are anything but on the side of her every conscious thought.

Will Jane make it through a single day of taking the followup meds to her dental cleaning, or will she become quite the dirty little bimbo every man desires? What will Craig think when he returns home to a woman he barely recognizes, but one he definitely receives a friendly welcome from?

Find out in the latest of the Lost Kreme, tales which now have been found and restored for the very first time in the Tales from the Kreme library of lust.


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