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The Seamen Shack by Kris P. Kreme

The Seamen Shack by Kris P. Kreme

A family trip to the coast to spend some time fishing from an old pier takes a terribly twisted turn when they discover The Seamen Shack, a deceptively quaint rustic restaurant where the women offer a lot more than is on the menu.

Joseph Chapman and his wife Eva, along with their two college kids and son’s girlfriend are about to discover new depths to family bonding when their lives are literally rewritten, their bodies in several cases reshaped, all thanks to the enigmatic charm of Jack Jones, owner and manipulative proprietor of The Seamen Shack.

It’s another Kustom Kreme Single, tales requested by readers like you… tales so twisted they will spin your mind around.


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For Joseph Chapman and his family, along with his son Cameron’s girlfriend, Allison, it was a trip down memory lane. However this is one trip where memories are the least which will be changing once they stumble into a remote seaside restaurant known as The Seamen Shack.

Always the family man, always the old softie, Joseph Chapman has it all, a beautiful blonde wife who could nearly pass for their children’s older sister, equally a stunning redheaded daughter who is the apple of his eye, and a strapping son who makes him proud daily.

Beyond the usual friendly sibling bickering and the typical family squabbles nothing has ever ruined the relationships he values most, and yet one day spent visiting his favorite old sea fishing spot will do much more than ruin family values for all of them.

A brisk morning, a beautiful day, perfect weather for fishing the old remote pier by the ocean where Joseph used to go fishing with his dad back in the day. Much has remained unchanged, but little does he know that the quaint little rustic fishing restaurant down the shore has undergone many changes, thanks to a special new owner.

Laughing and love give way to lust when Eva Chapman volunteers to take the hike down the shoreline to the rustic old restaurant intending to retrieve some ice for their day on the pier.

She gets anything but a cold reception, walking into The Seamen Shack, a restaurant for men of all types, featuring women of quite particular types. Disgusted, embarrassed, Eva is all set to turn and leave, to never again think of the strippers on stage, the slutty waitresses she stumbles upon, this depraved looking dive entertainment by the sea.

And then a dashingly handsome and quite disarming man by the name of Jack Jones steps in, quickly introducing himself to Eva, quickly saying the words that only Jack knows can change everything about his guests.

As he puts it, at the Seamen Shack, “it’s all about having a Good Time,” and when those two words are spoken, reality swirls and where it stops nobody but Jack knows.

Fighting the oddly pleasurable sensations hearing those words has on herself, Eva is caught up in a strange conversation with Jack, fighting him at every turn, ranting about the wrongful objectification of women, never even realizing until it is too late that somehow The Seamen Shack and its owner have a very particular way of getting under someone’s skin… of changing even that very skin as soon enough, Eva is becoming the next fake titted act to take the stage, the very thing she once hated, barely looking like she once did but still giving every man who sees her a truly Good Time.

However Jack Jones is soon to have new guests as first Eva’s daughter Ella goes looking for her mom, then Allison goes intending to catch up with Ella.

The stunned girls each find themselves caught up in the trap that is The Seamen Shack, their minds and memories altered thanks to a handsome owner with two very special words to frequently work into his candid conversations. And those two special words quite quickly have two subtly enhanced and curvy coeds eager to compete as brand new waitresses at The Seamen Shack.

Just where will the chaos end, particularly when Joseph Chapman and his son Cameron walk right in, assuming their loved ones are just enjoying a break, maybe catching an early lunch?

Leave it to Jack Jones, owner and proprietor of the hottest attraction in the small seaside town to have an answer for everything, including two shocked and angry Chapman’s seeing that the ones they loved have been perverted both mind and body to depraved immoral caricatures of their former selves.

A little fancy lighting, some special words with Jack, and Joseph realizes the simple truth of it all. He’d always wanted to bring his son to his favorite fishing spot, always wanted to make a man of his boy… and what better place to do so than The Seamen Shack, where every man has a very Good Time, thanks to the hottest talent on the coast.

Eva, Ella, and Allison may have started the day innocent and sweet, may have begun with the intent on handling a certain kind of rod… but thanks to a twist of fate and some twisted fun, they all will be caught in the net, different lives forever ahead of them.

Three things remain constant for these three women. They will handle more rods than they can handle; they will have a seriously Good Time; and it all begins and ends where reality bends… at The Seamen Shack.


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    • Darkwolf on May 18, 2017 at 7:38 am

    Definitely one of my favorites so far, it’s good to see stuff like this popping up here I was starting to miss the classic styles of mind control.

    1. Problem is that Amazon has issues with outright MC, so it’s a fine line to get those books up there. I’ve had one rejected for MC in the past. Still, there’s been a lot of MC books lately making it up, and this one isn’t too radically MC.

      Thanks for liking!

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