Jul 15 2017

Guidance begins with something Trance-tory…

Guidance Book One: Konversational Konsultations by Kris P. Kreme

Guidance Book One: Konversational Konsultations by Kris P. Kreme

Many have encountered a doctor with expertise in psychology and counseling. Many have changed everything about themselves through simple Konversations. Few if any have ever heard where that man’s impressive Konversational skills came from.

An epic story has waited to be told, and when Samuel Cadence, a Trance-tory employee, shows up before his daughter does to her counseling session with the special doctor, he will get to hear the tale of where those vocal talents came from.

Journeying beyond Konversation, beyond Trance-tory, beyond even SINtendo and Brain Drain, this epic tale will bridge together the past in surprising ways, and offer everyone a little unexpected Guidance.


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Over 13,000 words!

Samuel Cadence is about to have a very interesting conversation with the counselor his company recommended for his daughter Bethany. However that conversation will unveil a story rarely told, a story that explores how this doctor first came upon an exceptional ability to not simply counsel but to change those he spoke with through little more than his words.

The good doctor has gone by many names, under many professions from psychologist to counselor, but when Bethany is delayed in showing up on an otherwise slow day free of appointments, he chooses to open up to Samuel in a way rarely done, telling him how he came upon his talents.

As a company man, Samuel Cadence is well aware of the more subversive techniques in swaying a consumer. He may be new to his company, but it doesn’t take long for any employee of Trance-tory to discover their techniques. However he never knew what the good talkative counselor is about to share, a story of how he once happened upon a quite literally shocking piece of technology and went on a worldwide quest in search of the makers of that technology… a technology that resulted in his voice possessing unique attributes and making any conversation quite Konversational.

From a small but quickly growing adult gaming company named SINtendo to an online purchasing empire gaining steam under the name Brain Drain, the man went on this quest to find answers and ultimately it was a budding corporation called Trandustries that promised to know where the technology came from, where the strange contraption that gave this man such Konversational abilities was created.

But as he tells Mr. Cadence, they would only reveal what they knew if he took care of a problem for them, a problem in the form of an eighteen year old girl and her pesky group of high school friends, a girl that by some ability held an immunity to all their methods of mental persuasion.

As they would later become known, Trance-tory wanted to take over the world, become a corporate giant in all aspects of daily life, from the infrastructure to the products and services, and along the beginning road of that takeover was a town called Traverton, and it was in that town where Jessica and her nosy friends became a nuisance.

Jessica called herself the Mental Mistress, because only she seemed to fight past any influence which frequented the town as Trandustries began to take over. She saved others and prevented the total manipulation of the town, a necessary step for Trance-tory to ever exist.

But under the name of Jeffrey Jaffe, our Konversational doctor would become Traverton High’s new guidance counselor, and it was all a matter of one on one Konversational Konsultations to methodically take down Jessica’s support group and then ultimately the menacing Mental Mistress herself.

For a man of his unique counseling talents, it was a walk in the park, but for the ever feisty Jessica, her diverse friends, and the school librarian who helped them out, it would be an entirely new threat, one no one could escape from, but one nobody would want to escape from by the end of just one week.

It’s the epic origin story of a major Kreme character, in ways which will surprise everyone, tying together multiple worlds like never before and taking you back to the days before cell phones and drones, to the days when high school was complicated enough, before a Konversational counselor came along and offered a little Guidance to change their lives forever.

Some may call it manipulation; others may call it mind control. To a man who went by the name Jeffrey Jaffe, it was better known as Guidance.


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