Aug 17 2017

In the Heat you need some Air Conditioning…

Air Conditioning by Kris P. Kreme

Air Conditioning by Kris P. Kreme

When a rich girl used to getting her way finally gets her parent’s huge home all to herself for a month, it couldn’t be a worse time for the air conditioning to stop working.

Luckily Daddy left an emergency credit card and Natalie Pendleton is going to get that problem fixed. However the friendly Ed who responds, as well as his boss Bill, may have other plans in store for the cute brunette.

Trance-tory Air Conditioning conditions much more than the air, and before long Natalie may forget all about the heat outside and focus on the heat inside as she goes from bitchy princess to a real doll for these handy men.


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The August heat arrives, but for Natalie Pendleton, it might be arriving in ways she never expected. Enjoying a nice gab on the phone with her best friend, Natalie is ecstatic over the fact Mommy and Daddy have just left on a one month yacht cruise around the gulf… leaving the spoiled eighteen year old princess a mansion of a home to call her own for that entire time

The weather outside is tropical and hot, horribly unbecoming of her perfect self, but luckily Daddy installed a very fancy high tech climate control system. Unfortunately for Natalie, like all good expensive systems, they come with expensive problems at the worst possible time.

Barely after hanging up with her friend, Natalie feels the chilled comfy blast of air from all the vents in the house simply go dead… and it isn’t long at all before the heat is building, both in the palatial home and behind her flaring temper.

Unable to reach Daddy on his yacht, there’s little choice but to scour the phone book and find someone that can fix air conditioning. Finally finding one, she makes the call and the somewhat demanding teen is not too happy with the sarcastic sounding older guy on the phone, but then at least he does assure her a man will be out in fifteen minutes to fix her troubles.

What Natalie never suspects is that when the friendly Ed arrives from Trance-tory Air Conditioning, he has plans for a whole different kind of conditioning… one that might involve air in ways Natalie never imagined, and will never recover from.

Checking the nearest of the large condensers outside a fancy shed beside Natalie’s large home, Ed points out some handy tips of why the unit might have gone out, even does some pressure adjustments with his hoses, but when Natalie asks if they take American Express, the only card left for her in case of emergencies, Ed shakes his head. Natalie will have to call and speak to his boss, Bill, the sarcastic older guy she already didn’t like.

But just what is with all the personal details Bill is asking, such as age, measurements, how she looks? And even stranger what is the big disclaimer she needs to hold her phone to her ear to closely listen to?

Natalie Pendleton is a spoiled little rich girl who’s been handed everything all her life, but even if she is a bit of a bitch, that doesn’t mean she won’t be a real doll to Ed and Bill… especially after a little air is conditioned right into her body, and she discovers a whole new heat rising within her, over the course of that month of freedom she’d so recently been looking forward to.

The Hot Kreme arrives with some Air Conditioning, guaranteed only to heat things up in all new ways.


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