Reality TV gets a reality check…

Fictional Reality by Kris P. Kreme

Fictional Reality by Kris P. Kreme

Desperate for ratings, a scary reality TV show Fictional Reality has pulled out all the stops for season three.

Thirteen attractive girls chosen from candidates around the world are to spend three nights in DeLiniac Tower, a building with a reputation.

Wandering seven floors of this structure each night, captured on thousands of hidden cameras, the girls will face true fear, a reality that fiction can’t compete with.

Are the stories of a building where everything is alive and hungry for supple meals true? Can the forces within this paranormal place actually possess and corrupt the body and soul?

The ratings won’t be all that reach devastating climaxes this season on Fictional Reality.


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The Paranormal series returns!

Over 22,000 Words!

Through two seasons the world has followed an all new style of reality television show, one truly not scripted, the actions on screen captured by thousands of hidden cameras sprinkled throughout a terrifying location, reputed to be haunted, storied to be the stuff of nightmares.

Season three might just take reality beyond any nightmares the contestants have ever had.

Fictional Reality is a television series the network spent hardly any money on yet made a killing in their first season with viewers tuning in to watch contestants chosen from around the world get locked in a scary location for three nights, all of them eventually succumbing to their own fears, to the reality they face within their darkest thoughts.

It was a genius concept, at least Reagan Riley thought so at first, the host introducing the contestants, reporting each night to share which ones got scared and had to abandon the location to maintain their own sanity. Then of course he would naturally share the viewer’s excitement with the decided winner of the reality show after Night Three.

The problem was that the novelty wore off after one season, the second drawing a lot less interest and a lot more criticism. In fact he was surprised it got renewed given how quickly the public fascination had waned. But then they had something truly twisted this season, he’d heard, something which guaranteed Fictional Reality would return to popularity.

Until he got out of his limo to film the intro, Reagan Riley had no idea just where this season would be filmed or what the gimmick was that was so secretive.

Thirteen women from around the world, locked in a scary location, constantly viewed wherever they explored over three nights. Those words alone might already garner some interest, since the first two seasons had been men and women of all ages, but hand choosing thirteen of the sexiest women from countries all around the world, all wanting to prove they were the top bitch in town was a definite last ditch effort, a bit of desperation as Reagan Riley saw it.

And then he stepped out of the limo on a foggy soon to be stormy evening, the sun already setting to film the intro to Night One. Reagan Riley stepped out and saw what chilled him to the bone… that Fictional Reality was filming season three at DeLiniac Tower.

Stories were told of the old tower among mountains which simply couldn’t be true, and yet there were more disappearances, more mysterious freaky occurrences surrounding this tower than any other man-made structure on Earth.

It was rumored the very building itself was constructed using occult knowledge, the structure alive somehow, not just haunted. It was truly the stuff of nightmares, and Reagan Riley had all but assumed it was on a government black site list after scientists and feds vanished without a trace some years back.

Located in total isolation among mountains which contributed to the constant electrical storms, the network had truly done brilliantly if they were seeking a location to shoot, but something just feels wrong about it from the moment Reagan Riley sees it.

Reportedly masked from even seeing the footage caught over the three night shoot, due to agreements made with the building’s owner, a man who only goes by the name Devon D. Reagan only can play his part as host, unaware what is terrifying the contestants each night, and how.

What he does know is that each night four girls are vanishing, supposedly frightened out of their minds, running off and abandoning their hopes at claiming the prize.

On Night Three, only five of the thirteen girls remain, and like most reality shows, they were an alliance formed early on, the Asian Alliance as they call themselves, but even these girls will face freaky reality that simply has to be fictional on that final night.

Just what lives within the walls of DeLiniac Tower, what power grows stronger through the fear and corruption of innocent souls and supple bodies? What horrors have the cameras captured, what sensual seductions gone awry have the girls succumb to?

Nubile girls are no match for a building which feeds off sexual energy, which feeds quite literally off being able to manipulate and possess the girls one by one, turning them on each other… or simply turning them on.

There are plenty of ways to perish in a building like DeLiniac Tower, plenty of paranormal ways to meet an end, but the fear to be found within those walls is anything but fictional. For thirteen bitchy contestants and one tiring show host, the scariest thing to face isn’t fiction… it’s Fictional Reality.


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