Heat can make you believe anything…

The Doggy Days of Summer by Kris P. Kreme

The Doggy Days of Summer by Kris P. Kreme

Staring at his hot wife one workday morning, Dave recalls nearby community college students leering at her.

Inspired by her body and dedicated to keeping her to himself, he uses Courtney’s gullibility against her, making up a story about The Doggy Days of Summer, days the sun is very deadly for Courtney.

Convincing her that exposure to the sun will arouse her, that further exposure diminishes her capacity for any thought beyond fucking, Dave has Courtney ready to stay inside.

But when she goes for a walk under cloudy skies that clear up before she makes it home… will Courtney fall prey to something Dave simply made up?

Gullibility is powerful these days, but not as powerful as The Doggy Days of Summer.


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Dave isn’t a bad guy, but any guy might concoct a story to keep their young sexy wife away from gawking neighbors, particularly when the neighbors happen to be a community college that opened recently, and the students have been spotted more than a few times ogling Courtney in ways Dave would rather not have her leered at.

So he isn’t entirely a bad guy for using Courtney’s notorious gullibility against her, thinking up a story on a particularly hot sunny August day when she’s dressed quite sexy in a short denim skirt and cleavage revealing plaid top. Leaving for work he figures the very least such an elaborate story will do is keep Courtney from spending any time outside in the sun, from walking past that community college whose students seem more intent on studying his hot young blonde bombshell of a wife.

The problem might be that Courtney is seriously trusting, a true innocent with a very sinful curvy body, and she’s as gullible a girl as Dave ever met. It’s the damn erection he thinks, the one she gives so easily, that’s what inspires his story about The Doggy Days of Summer.

Courtney isn’t stupid, having heard of the so called dog days of summer, but she’s never heard of what he claims is a much more serious danger… The Doggy Days of Summer, when the UV index is so severe, when the sun is so deadly it can permanently change a woman, but only a woman.

Confused, but fully trusting that Dave would never steer her wrong, Courtney asks about why something called Doggy Days are so much more dangerous to women, and Dave lets his imagination go wild, assuring her that the name comes partly from the idea of dogs in heat, that there is a certain combination of UV factors that can come together just right to send a woman into heat.

However it’s even more complicated, because any exposure to the sun on The Doggy Days of Summer will put a woman into such a state, where her arousal and animal instincts begin to take over, and the longer that exposure lasts, the more severe the effects are, quite permanent he assures her if she were to spend too much time in the sun on a day like today.

Worried, genuinely concerned, Courtney asks her husband of just one year what would happen to her, what would being too exposed to the sun cause. Dave just puts on the most serious face he can, telling her that there’s a reason they call it the doggy style position, that a woman suffering too much exposure would lose total inhibitions and control of her arousal, dropping to all fours, begging total strangers into vile acts of depravity with her.

Grinning at himself that he’s concocted the perfect little story, the craziest and yet warped logic twisted tale his gullible blonde wife will take seriously, Dave heads to work. After all, he knows she’d never risk becoming some sex animal by going outside.

What he never accounted for was a combination of boredom and the television service going out at home to put Courtney into a desperate state for something to do.

Ordinarily she’d just go for a walk, enjoy the weather, maybe stop in and look around the little bookstore on the other side of the community college.

Unfortunately there is no chance of that as long as the dangerous sun is out. But if the sun is behind heavy clouds, does that mean it’s still deadly?

The chance to test that theory out comes as clouds roll in, thick clouds, shadowing the entire neighborhood, blocking that mind altering sun. Carefully, just stepping out to the porch, Courtney feels no effects, no sudden fascination with the idea of dropping to all fours and breeding like an animal

Thrilled that she can take her walk, go by that little bookstore, Courtney feels proud of herself, knowing that she can assure Dave later that clouds make The Doggy Days of Summer better. If anything will make him worry less about her this time of the year it’s news like that.

Book browsing at the little store was fun, a nice way to pass the time, but when the one man running the store tells Courtney he has to lock up while he goes on lunch, that it’s store policy when only one employee is there, she isn’t near as concerned about that as she is seeing that during her time there the sun has come back out full force.

Practically pushed out the door, Courtney can feel the instant warmth of the sun on her skin, the blinding light shining down against her soft pillowy chest, the golden rays casting across her golden mane of hair… but she can also feel more.

Her heart is pounding, her skin is flush, and she feels her legs trembling.

Courtney dreads the reality that Dave was right, like he always is about such things. She’s already feeling a little aroused.

Can Courtney hurry and rush back home, avoiding what in her mind is deadly exposure to a sun which will have her on her knees, begging for any dick in sight? Will she be able to resist thinking of how easy it would be to just crawl doggy style into the grass at that community college and let the boys gawking at her have a go at her?

Perhaps the question she should be asking herself isn’t so much will she be able to resist cheating on Dave with one man… but how many other men will she be enjoyably used by before Dave comes home from work?

There are days a man can take teasing his loving faithful trusting wife a little too much… and for Dave, those days might just be The Doggy Days of Summer.

Turn up the heat and ladies… take that walk under the eclipse carefully, because the sun will come back out… and it might just leave you crawling around like a bitch in heat, begging for any man around to feel the heat between your thighs. Such are the dangers of Hot Kreme, tales which easily eclipse your every expectation.


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