There’s more than heat making people sweat…

A Hot Mess by Kris P. Kreme

A Hot Mess by Kris P. Kreme

When Henry’s adopted daughters disobey and have wild parties while he is away, leaving a mess he has to deal with, the non-confrontational man is at a loss what to do.

The solution comes during the heat of August, when he orders a unique device from an electronics hobbyist magazine. The subliminal modification user telefiltration device supposedly can have his daughters Mia and Chloe internalize their obsession with parties and messes.

However this device is something Henry never could suspect it to be, and before long the girls will be internalizing a hot mess that even Henry can’t help but enjoy.

A familiar group dedicated to chaos returns at last for some Hot Kreme action.


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Henry doesn’t have to question when his life became a hot mess. That much is quite plainly definable as the day married Michelle, a woman now in his past after they married young and stupid, and she insisted on adopting two teenagers.

In Michelle’s selfish logic it was the easy way to avoid all those messy baby infant years, having a family right away, but clearly a family wasn’t the end goal for a real selfish manipulative bitch like Michelle, who ran off two years ago and left Henry to raise the now eighteen year old daughters who only call him Daddy when they want something.

Never liking confrontation, never having the nerve to just put his foot down, Henry has been constantly frustrated by the increasing bitchiness of his adopted daughters, Mia and Chloe.

The pair is always partying when he leaves the house, always making literal messes, which just add to the hot mess his life has descended into, but maybe… just maybe he has found the ultimate subversive solution.

Without direct confrontation, which he knows Mia and Chloe would just further dig in and rebel from, Henry is ready to use the incredible summer heat lately as an excuse to explain what the device is he’s busy one night installing down in the basement next to the utility panel.

Having subscribed to electronic hobbyists magazines for some time, Henry initially assumed the ad in the magazine was a joke, calling the number and sending away for something called a subliminal modification user telefiltration device.

Supposedly it works by sending signals within the electricity itself, within phone lines, even through the sounds of air conditioning cutting on and off. This device can subliminally rewire a thought process, change behavior, and reportedly solve problems of dealing with those who won’t change how they act.

Having spoken on the phone about his troubles, the issues with Mia and Chloe constantly partying and making messes he ultimately had to clean up, the modification for this device was pre-programmed just for him, a program that reportedly would internalize their messes, have them focusing on keeping his home clean, and leaving nothing for him to worry about.

It’s the following day after installing and activating the subliminal modification user telefiltration device that Henry has to go help his older brother move, and that means the ultimate test for how responsible Mia and Chloe will be, but what happens when Mia has a downright wicked way of how to internalize the need to party and get messy while Daddy is away?

Adopted sibling Chloe, with her vibrant red hair and innocent untouched body may just be getting a bit messy… but only on the inside as Mia wants to party like they never have partied before, by inviting five guys from their school over for a day of making a true mess of Chloe’s flat little tummy… with her own plans on how she’ll internalize her own desires to make a mess by partying a little later.

Meanwhile Henry is feeling a bit of a lasting effect from merely sleeping through one night at home the night before with that device active. His thoughts are distracted, his motives shifting, and before long, his older brother is noticing how strangely accepting Henry is of finally ruling his home, putting his foot down, and plotting a little instructional guidance no parent should consider, even an adoptive one.

Just what has happened to solve the hot mess Henry’s life became, and will that solution only lead to an even hotter mess to handle? Who really created the subliminal modification user telefiltration device, and why does that name seem somewhat amusing to Henry’s older brother?

A terrorist cell thought to have been left in the distant past has returned to the world of Hot Kreme this summer, and this time they aren’t merely leaving chaos in their wake. This time, it will be nothing short of A Hot Mess.


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